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Post-Bolsonaro Brazil and How It Is Not Working Out

Brazil’s election had a rough but expected outcome, Jair Bolsonaro was elected for president. He hasn’t begun his presidential term yet, but even from behind the political scene of Brazil he has already managed to cause trouble. His campaigns, now and before the elections always circled around corruption, about how he and his family are “decent and honest” people and that he was unlike any other politician in the Brazilian scenery. That speech conquered a great


If You Value Progress, Vote Blue to Flip the Legislative Branch

Midterm elections are undeniably underrated. Historically, voter turnout for off-years sticks at around 40%, compared to 60% in the Presidential cycles. Thankfully, this year, people are paying attention. Over the summer, a significant number of people rushed to vote in the primaries. There’s a lot going on in politics and there’s so much we need to care about. Ever since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s messy


Inspirational Millennial Leaders Of The Future That You Should Know

While the present state of politics may seem bleak with nothing but old white guys as far as the eye can see, there is hope on the horizon. That hope lies in the faces of the enterprising youths coming to authority and gaining traction in America’s political sphere of control. Listed below are the diligent and resourceful people to watch out for- people who prefer real change and equality over money and power. They are


Please Vote: The Stakes Are Too High

Red or blue? Black or white? Good or bad? Tomorrow is Election Day, and after such a terrible election season, one would think the choice was easy, right? Because only one of the candidates is actually prepared. Because the other one is a racist, xenophobic, accused child rapist. The choice is easy, right? Right? No, instead, you have decided that rather than choosing, you would rather stand in the neutral gray area. Forgetting in the process

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