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South Africans Livid And Alleging Krige As the Crook of Late-Creator’s Genius

Last year, Nkosinathi Nkomo, a 24-year-old Soweto-born and third-year Civil Engineering student at the University of Cape Town, was not able to put his name down in 2017 because he was short of funds. With Cape Town’s water crisis on the rise, Nkosinathi Nkomo thought he would put a handful of the wisdom he had taken up over the years into operation to raise funds and get his hands on a way out of the deteriorating hindrance. He would

Photo by: Jake May/AP

The Racism Within The Flint Water Crisis

In April of 2014, Flint, Michigan, switched it’s water supply over to the Flint River instead of relying on water from Detroit’s water system. Residents immediately complained of yellowish-brown tap water that smelt bad and did not taste right. The government ignored them. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did not take any action until fall of 2015. That’s over one whole year of residents complaining of unsafe tap water while being ignored by the government. Michigan’s

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