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A Note To Trump: Trans People #WontBeErased

Trans Lifeline:  877-565-8860 I GLBT National Help Center: 1-888-843-4564 In their latest attempt not to discriminate against women under Title IX, the Trump administration has decided to institute a legal and fixed definition of gender, which in turn discriminates against transgender people. (Nailed it.) For those who don’t know what Title IX is, it’s a law under the Education Amendments Act of 1972 that basically says no federally-funded institution can deny someone from participating in


UN Security Council Imposes New North Korea Sanctions

The UN’s Security Council passed Resolution 2371 on Saturday. The resolution was unanimously passed with 15 votes in response to North Korea’s continued testing of ICBMs, which was in violation of previous UN resolutions. The resolution, drafted by the U.S., bans exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood to North Korea. The bill also prohibits increasing the number of North Korean laborers abroad and bans any new investment ventures with North Korea. This


This Week’s Trump Rundown: A Brief of This Week’s Biggest Trump Stories

Let’s be honest. As youth, it’s a little hard to keep up with every news update that your phone alerts with you as a result of the Trump administration’s bottomless corruption and scandal. With that in mind, here’s a recap of the latest ‘Trump Terror’. Anthony Scaramucci was fired as White House Communications Director Early Monday morning on July 31st, former Goldman Sachs Vice President, Anthony Scaramucci was fired as White House Communications director after being hired


Stop Mixing Family Into Politics

It has come to my attention and probably millions of other people that there are some people on the President of the United States team who are unqualified. One being his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump is simply a business woman. She graduated from Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a degree in economics. Ivanka is a former model, and she’s got her own line of clothing, handbags and footwear.


Trump’s White House Is a Ticking Time Bomb. Will We Know When it Goes Off?

Donald Trump’s White House, if at all structured, is structured based on loyalty. He keeps the allegiant close, and the rest at a distance. Those that are closest to him become those with the most power and the most information, while the others are left in the dark. He’s manipulating them by pitting them against each other, the only means of success is to pledge loyalty to him. This organization will fail; if his entire staff


Bye Bye Bannon: Steve Bannon Removed from National Security Council

There were a few changes made to the National Security Council when Donald Trump reorganized it on Wednesday, but the most notable was the removal of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. As chief strategist, a position introduced by Trump in December,  Bannon worked to execute the administration’s long-term agenda and provide counsel to Trump on all critical matters. Bannon faced major scrutiny from all sides about his high position in the administration, many upset


Betsy DeVos Has Just Secured A Full Vote On The Senate Floor – And Here’s The Problem With That:

After days and days of protesting for the removal of Betsy DeVos from the nominations of Secretary of Education, all twelve Republican votes have just now cleared DeVos for a full vote on the Senate floor. While votes continue to be counted; parents, students, and teachers across the nation fear for the future of public education in America. Amongst the list of problematic cabinet nominees, Betsy DeVos shows a prominent danger to our children’s future

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