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The Damage a White-Centric Education Has on Young People of Color

With it being Black History Month in the UK, it’s that time of year when schools pretend to care about black history for a week before returning to their ethnocentric education. It’s that ironic month where pupils sit in school assemblies where they watch videos about how a lack of representation in school subjects can affect pupils of color before going to their history lessons where they’ll learn about the Tudor period for the fifth time in their


Facebook Suspends People of Color For Calling Out White People Online But Doesn’t Delete Hate Speech Targeted at Minority Groups

In this day and age, critiquing established systems of power is essential — especially when critiquing white people. White people as a whole are undoubtedly the most notorious oppressors in our world, and there is nothing wrong with pointing out where we fall short. Social media has created spaces where this critiquing can take place. From Facebook rants to Twitter threads, there are so many opportunities to express what we believe. And we have the


Stop Excusing White People For Their Racism, They Know Better

“People should be grateful towards white people, for largely setting up the safe, free, democratic society that everyone in the western world enjoys, and evidently takes for granted.” When I read this sentence, which was part of a longer email that claimed that joking about white people aging poorly pushed them to join hate groups and actively ruin society, I ran the gamut of human emotion. I was amused, angry, and even a little depressed. But there


Dear Totally-Not-Racist White Supporters of Black Lives Matter

Dear Totally-Not-Racist White Supporter of Black Lives Matter, We see you. It’s fairly easy to point you out in the sea of tan, brown, and black. Your skin presses against ours, the contrast as sweet yet obvious as a Reese’s cup. Martin Luther King, Jr. died for nothing if it wasn’t this. You walk the streets with us and curse racism with your fist in the air as we lead by example. It’s especially easy


Dear White Liberals

I appreciate you. Really, I do. The fight for social justice is an admirable one, and allies are crucial for it to succeed. We both know that you mean well, and even attempting to straighten history’s warped path is a worthwhile task. However, you are not infallible. While you might see yourself as above your less progressive brethren, I’ve repeatedly noticed you falter in one critical area: free speech. These two words seem to be

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