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Should National Budgets Take Gender Into Consideration?

A large number of wealthy countries like Britain take satisfaction in being active on policies that promote sexual equality. It has failed to fulfill such claims as the Women’s Budget Group, (a feminist group), has been “scrutinizing Britain’s economic policy since 1989.” A 2016 House of Commons Library report which is a research service, had suggested that over the years of 2010-2015 “women bore the cost of approximately eighty five percent of savings to the


I Love Myself, And You Should Too

For all of middle and high school, I always felt small in comparison to my peers. I thought so highly of everyone else, but if I were asked to describe myself in a few words, I would use incredibly negative ones. I didn’t know the power of self-love or its worth. Going into college, I began to realize what I have to offer the world, and the only thing holding that back is myself. If

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