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Interview With Fabiola Ching and Tam-anh Nguyen of Coalition Zine

Coalition Zine is a contemporary literary magazine and publication for activists created for femme creatives of color. It publishes work of submitted and original fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photography, and video interviews of artists of color. I sat down with the editor-in-chief, Fabiola Ching, and Coalition‘s videographer, Tam-anh Nguyen, to discuss this spectacular collective and project. Fabiola, Tam-anh, and Vriddhi have been abbreviated as F, T, and V respectfully in order to ensure readabiity. V: So


Exploitation of Emotional Labor Is Real for Women and Femmes of Color

In society, there is more than one type of labor that meets the eye. One is visible labor, which people earn monetary compensation for. Under this kind of labor, women and femmes, especially women and femmes of color, earn a lot less than their white or white male counterparts. With that, then there’s the elusive type of labor that slips both the eye and mind, and people often take it equally for granted: emotional labor.


She Did THAT: 10 Empowering Achievements by Women of Color in 2016

Alternative title: Ten things WOC did that make 2016 seem less terrible and restore our hope in the future. 1. Women in India won the right to lead households after court ruling. Karta, a status carved by Hindu customs and texts, gives one member in a household the authority to manage property and other important affairs of the family. Under a 1956 law, only the eldest son can be granted Karta; a male nephew may be


Black Women Are In Danger Too

  Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement are making front page headlines, nationally and internationally every day. The movement continues to grow larger, as more people recognize the institutionalized racism within our police force. We’ve all seen traumatic things happen to people such as Eric Garner, Walter Lamar Scott and Freddie Gray. What about black women? Are they being targeted as well? I was talking with two friends the other day. One argued,

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