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How Betsy DeVos’ Concept of School Choice Will be the Downfall of Public Education in America

Recently appointed U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has placed “school choice” programs at the forefront of her plans for education in the United States. School choice, laconically, allows parents to choose alternatives to the public school their child is zoned for. These alternatives include private, charter, virtual or magnet schools. On paper, school choice easily appears to be an ideal approach to education. When put into action, however, it is not nearly as effective as DeVos


Why We Need to Stop Praising TV Shows That Use Minorities as Bait

The recent rise of social media has allowed viewers to publicly express their opinions about TV shows. Producers and other important crew members utilize this medium to receive feedback and improve their shows. Social media has also introduced many to intersectional feminism, which prompted many individuals, especially underrepresented young adults, to speak out on the lack of minority representation in the media. Representation is unarguably essential, and minority groups are disproportionately represented. For example, even

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