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The Next Step In Putting An End to Animal Cruelty

Today marks the beginning of a new era in regard to animal agriculture. Before, regulations as far as surveillance went were previously absent, but, now, video surveillance is now mandatory in ALL French slaughterhouses. Though slaughterhouses remain a place of death and violence, this is definitely a step in the right direction: more violations will be brought to a head, more regulations will be enforced. While one might expect this measure to be controversial (considering the part many industries play in government decisions), the new bill passed 28 to 4.

250 slaughterhouses will serve to test out these new measures beginning in March; should this be implemented throughout France, it could help to set a new international standard in which all developed countries (at least) are required to film their practices to ensure that harsh  treatment is eradicated. The past few years have represented huge steps in the right direction as far as ending cruelty in animal agriculture is concerned; U.S. President Barack Obama even signed a bill in 2016 to further put an end to animal testing, further speaking volumes to the idea that when the public demands change, change will ensue. The reasoning behind this bill’s introduction in the first place originated in the efforts of French activists who spread around video of sanitation issues, safety violations and cruel treatment of the animals in slaughterhouses. These videos really highlighted how commonplace these issues are; hopefully with the implementation of a videotaping standard, the aforementioned issues will be brought to a head, dealt with, and acknowledged by governments across the world. Each policy advancement makes way for another. Each action an activist takes leads to another. Each voice that speaks out against inhumane practices speaks for innumerable innocents without voices.

When workers and slaughterhouse owners are held accountable for their actions, their cruelty, less of it will persist.

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