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Users Are NOT Happy With Snapchat’s New Update

Recently, Snapchat released an update, called version 10.25.00. Snapchat states that this update lets their users make their bitmojis become more customized and personalized. Snapchat users can now also share stories with their friends who aren’t on the social media app. A spokesperson for Snapchat prepared everyone for the different update by saying “updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.” However, frequent Snapchatters are calling this app a literal and absolute nightmare. I asked a friend about the new update and this is what she had to say about it:

I didn’t even want the update — it just downloaded onto my phone [automatically] — and when I saw its features, I felt overwhelmed and disappointed. The bitmojis on the left make the screen crowded, and the space on the right (where the streaks would be) look empty. In order to view the stories that your friends posted, you must tap on your friend’s bitmoji face to watch it. And, before you can watch another person’s story, you need to confirm that you want to watch it every single time. How annoying is that? When you’re on the story slide, which used to be in alphabetical order, but now it’s all random, from people you just added [on Snapchat] to strange social media influencers whom I honestly don’t care about. Overall, Snapchat has become ugly, and I never asked for this update. It’s honestly worse than Instagram’s explore page update.” -Amanda

Now it’s all random, from people you just added to strange social media influencers [appearing on your stories page]. This update is worse than Instagram’s explore page update.

It’s funny that she mentioned the Instagram update; Instagram updated their explore page around two months ago. Essentially, Instagram users would click on a post and then keep swiping down to see other posts from that same account. No one liked this update either. When asked about it, Amanda, my friend, said “the explore page is to find new people and look at different posts that you otherwise you wouldn’t have come across. If I wanted to stalk someone, I would click on their username. I don’t want to see the same exact type of posts; I want to explore. It [the update] was a bad move and drastically reduced the amount of time I spend on Instagram.

I don’t want to see the sane exact type of posts; I want to explore.

An estimated 3.5 billion Snaps are sent every day. So, time will tell whether people react to Snapchat’s update the same way that they did to Instagram’s, and use the app less, or adjust to it and move on. Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the update!

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