H&M Launches First Ever Unisex Collection

Gender roles are out . Genderless clothing is in. Fashion is evolving and it’s changing peoples perspectives.

More and more people are finding it baffling that pieces of fabric are assigned gender. This narrow minded thinking limits our creativity, our expression, and our minds. H&M has stepped up to be one of the first, major companies to endorse this message, releasing a brand new, unisex clothing collection. This revelation, at first, may not seem revolutionary, advertising typically gendered clothing to a whole audience. But the movement is sparking a confidence in people young and old, changing the rules of the fashion industry forever.

The collection consists of ” the basics”, following a causal denim based look, simplistic and modern. The new inclusive branding blurs the lines of previously heavily cemented gender roles, allowing this generation to adapt to the idea of universality among all styles and aspects of life. This has been confirmed to be the goal and intention of the company, one of the company’s Spokespeople releasing the statement; “It is very natural for us to launch a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting. Today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style. Fashion should always be inclusive.”

Featured articles of clothing include; overalls, jackets, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, and tunics. A majority of the products are oversized, and denim, not straying too far from the ordinary, and currently pretty limited in variation. However, this development proves that fashion is fluid, and that our style is becoming less segregated as we progress. The retailer stated in a news release that the collection will be “blurring borders and challenging norms.”

Hopefully, H&M keeps pushing the limit, or rather, listening to the creativity that their customers continue to communicate. I’m anticipating to see how this small movement forward effects the industry as a whole, setting new standards and clarifying that modern looks include all genders, and that thriving businesses stay woke in and out of the fashion industry.




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