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Dear Men: Women Don’t Wear Makeup For You

Written by Liz Lopez

All women can agree that being a woman is tough work. We constantly feel the need to look immaculate and often times the pressure is coming from others. Women are constantly bombarded by ridiculous and conflicting ideal beauty standards by the media and our peers. Surprisingly, makeup is a contentious topic among men. Public opinion among men shows that men believe that women wear makeup for the sole purpose to look good for them and that makeup deceives men. News flash: Women do not wear makeup just to impress men.

Makeup is truly an art and for many women is a hobby.  Makeup has the power to make women feel better about themselves and play around with their image. Not to mention how fun it is to spend time in MAC and Sephora, watch makeup videos on YouTube and learning different makeup techniques. For men to say that women wear makeup to get attention from men is insulting to be honest.  We wear makeup because we like to express ourselves whether it be by rocking a bold orange lipstick or wearing a nude lipgloss. We simply like the way it looks on ourselves and we don’t go into Sephora wondering if a Chanel mascara is going to make men think we look hotter.

Some men believe that makeup deceives them into thinking that women look completely different than what she actually looks like. They joke around saying that they need to take a woman to the pool or beach on their first date to see what she really looks like. These “jokes” aren’t funny and they shame women for wearing makeup. It can also lead to internalized misogyny in some women as they may bash other women who choose to wear makeup. However, it’s very funny when some men believe that makeup is deceiving but they fawn over female celebrities- these men claim that women like Kim Kardashian looks natural but the truth is that natural looking makeup takes a lot of time and products for it to look natural and flawless.

Plain and simple, women do not wear makeup to look good for men and women certainly aren’t deceiving men unless you believe women are born with winged eyeliner and naturally dark red lips. Women wear makeup to express themselves and we won’t stop doing it.

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