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Are you a young teen, who has always had an interest in journalism? or have a friend that does? Then join the Affinity Magazine team! Join other teens like yourself posting articles from all over the world! Affinity Magazine allows you to get your writing published and read by thousands of people! You are able to get your work published and sharpen up on your writing so you can write for The New York Times one day (hopefully!!)

Affinity Magazine works to spotlight teen voices about current events. We find that the media sometimes forgets the voices of teens on many topics! So we are here to give them a voice.

You must be from the ages of 13-20. Please keep in mind that we review applications very thoroughly. If you aren’t selected, you can try again at a later time. Expect to hear back from us in 5 days to two weeks usually (if you’re selected). This application is rolling, meaning there is no deadline. We accept all people regardless of race, sex or gender,or country (yes, we accept writers from all over the world). There is no compensation, this is all volunteer. 



Our focus is social justice (LGBT+, Mental Health,Race, Feminism and etc) and politics.

If you aren’t interested in being a full time writer, we do accept submissions. Make our hotline bling below.


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Why should you be an Affinity writer? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. You will have published work at a young age! If you want a future career in writing, this is a great chance for you!
  2. Your articles are seen by hundreds of thousands of people in over 209 countries! Plus you get thousands of shares on your article
  3. It’s great experience for your college applications, many of our writers are getting into their dream colleges because they published work
  4. It looks good on a resume!
  5. You actually learn a lot of skills to succeed in the professional world
  6. We are like a family! As soon as you get accepted as a writer, you are introduced to other teens like yourself
  7. You can write about anything you want!
  8. We are credible, we have been cited by Mic, Huffington Post, Slate and other news organizations
  9. You get a cool author’s bio!! Come on
  10. Grow your writing, we aren’t looking for the best writers. We are looking for people who want to learn how to be the best


We want fun, and quirky articles! We accept all ideas!

We accept viral articles like this  5 Signs You’re Dating A Misogynist

Investigative articles like this Black LGBT Are The Backbone Of Black Liberation

Humorous articles with a point An Open Letter To Kylie Jenner: You Invented Nothing

Think Pieces like this White Commentary On Lemonade: Nobody Asked Us

Current events Recent Reproductive Rights Stories You Might Have Missed

We want dynamic, curious and interesting teens like you to contribute!


What are our teen journalist saying about us?


Writing for Affinity Magazine has changed my life. Not only has it been such a cool experience to be published, but it’s been a great opportunity to meet a group of positive and hardworking, socially aware teenagers like myself. Writing for the magazine has also helped a lot with learning how to manage time and keep up with the news.” – Cassie Baker, 15 years-old, Georgia

“Being a staff writer for Affinity has allowed me to grow as person in ways which I would have never guessed. Not only has the position allowed me to develop my writing technique, but it has also allowed me to expand my knowledge of an innumerable amount of issues. Through Affinity, I have also been able to meet amazing people including the other staff writers who I have recently been getting to know. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have Affinity in my life.” Alex Brown, 16 years-old, Kentucky 

“Working for Affinity has been amazing! It was my first try at journalism and it’s what’s made me realize I love this side of writing; the side that provides information to people (especially teens) in an easy to understand and interesting way. It has also opened up doors for me that many teens don’t have the opportunity to get, something I’ll forever be grateful for.” – Epiphany Jones, 18 years-old, Tennessee 

“I have been a staff writer for Affinity for nearly a year now. Affinity has provided me with the confidence needed to further my writing, the exposure needed to kick start my career, and the tools need to transform me into a well rounded journalist. Affinity is an excellent magazine to work for, I am ever so grateful for Affinity for creating such a wonderful outlet for teens.” – Maddy Louise Rambeau, 16 years-old, Louisiana 

“Writing for Affinity has taught me a lot of things, when I first started, my skills were very limited, i couldn’t meet an appropriate length for an article and my articles didn’t offer any insightful facts or information to readers, after some help, this got better. Affinity has given me the chance to connect with people that i would never normally talk to, there are a lot of us and we’re all from around the world so we offer something different, keeping us dynamic. Overall, it’s a great environment for any writer starting out.” – Wazidul, 15 years-old, England 

“Working at Affinity and writing all these articles has made me appreciate journalism a whole much more. Not only that, but being a part of its diverse community of writers has really helped me meet other people with similar mindsets!” – Ariann, 15 years-old, Florida

“Writing for Affinity has given me an opportunity to not only make my writing better, but to show it to the world. As an aspiring writer I can say that Affinity is the perfect door to enter the world of journalism.” – Kaelan, 19 years-old, Ohio

“I’ve been writing for Affinity for over a month now and it has been an amazing journey for me. I have gotten experience on journalistic writing and learnt to tap into the events happening around the world to be able to write and report efficiently on them. It has made a huge impact not just on the way I look at things but also in my professional outlook. It has helped me in my CV and helped me acquire an internship with Cosmopolitan India. I am looking forward to writing more for Affinity and learning more from it too” – Arushi, India







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