Meet Florencia Rodi: Your New Favorite Blogger

In the cut throat world of fashion, it can be hard to find those you can easily relate and talk to. When it comes to fashion blogger Florencia Rodi, you instantly feel as though you have made a new best friend. She has a killer style that rivals all of your favorite celebrities. Not only is she super fierce with her looks, but she also has a very kind and genuine personality. She offers advice on everything from fashion to lifestyle tips, making her the older sister you wish you had. Recently, Rodi spoke with Affinity about her beginnings as a blogger, her style icons and the importance of fashion in our society. If you looking for a stylish, authentic, Drake-lovin’ blogger, Florencia is the girl for you!

Q: When did you first get into fashion and start blogging?

A: In the beginning of high school I started reading magazines like Nylon and Teen Vogue- the focus on street style really peaked my interest because it showcased fashion in an everyday, realistic context. Outfits and styling were always on my mind so I started my Tumblr blog, and then main blog, a couple years later.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: It’s pretty all over the place, but the best way I can qualify it is balanced and minimal. I love mixing really masculine pieces like oversized jackets and tough boots with classically feminine things like high heels and delicate tops.

Q: What are your top three pieces that you think every person should have in their wardrobe?

A: A (faux) leather jacket, well-fitting black jeans, and a staple bag that works with any outfit.

Q: Who are your fashion idols and why?

A: Miranda Kerr is always my #1 influence- I’ve looked up to her for years. She stays current and on top of trends without losing her personal style in the process, plus she carries herself so elegantly! I also love Bella Hadid’s style, I would die to have access to her shoe collection.

Q: Why do you think fashion is super important in our society?

A: For better or for worse, people rely heavily on fashion to represent who they are to others. Through the rise of social media I think young people have taken fashion back from the hands of a few high profile editors and it’s more democratic now; instead of them telling us what to wear, we’re kind of showing them whats up.

Q: On your blogs, what else do you talk about besides fashion?

A: Lately I’ve been discussing health and wellbeing a lot, I became a vegetarian at the beginning of 2017 and my followers helped me find some amazing new recipes and protein alternatives. I also repost political commentary and news- that’s never going to be my main focus but I think it’s important for everyone to be informed!

Q: As a women of color, explain why it’s super important for more girls to see bloggers who are minorities.

A: I think it’s human nature to look for pieces of yourself in others, and if there is no one like you in a certain field it becomes difficult to imagine yourself there. I went to predominantly white schools until I reached college, and there were plenty of times I wished I was white just so I could blend in. When the people surrounding you are more diverse it’s easier to be your authentic self.

Q: What gives a girl confidence in what she’s wearing?

A: For starters you have to be physically comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having to walk around all night with tore up ankles just for the sake of an outfit. On a deeper level, you just have to check in with yourself and make sure you’re dressing for yourself. If you are looking at yourself through the eyes of others you’ll always be second guessing everything.

Q: What is something that you want to teach your followers and inspire in them?

A: Giving advice always feels a little disingenuous because I’m still so young and have a lot of learning to do myself. On the other hand I do make a conscious effort everyday to keep my posts real and speak to everyone like they’re my friend, not a ‘follower’. If there’s one thing I want people to take away from my blog it would be a feeling of acceptance and inclusion, I’ve always hated the in-crowd vs outsiders mentality.​

Q: Lastly, what is an interesting fact about yourself?

A: I’m a really reserved and quiet person, it takes a lot to get me out of my shell.. the fact that I work in social media and communication surprises a lot of people in my real life!

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