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Illustration by Ellen Nordlund

Illustration by Ellen Nordlund

Affinity Magazine started from the idea of a sixteen year old girl, she noticed that there was a complete lack of journalistic publications written exclusively for teens by teens. She felt that adult writers writing for teens was inauthentic, thus developing Affinity Magazine in 2013. Affinity Magazine serves a purpose of showcasing the voices of aspiring teen journalists. Mixing pop culture with social justice and politics, Affinity amplifies the voices of teens – regardless of age, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Affinity is the first social justice platform that directly caters to teens, while also addressing many significant issues that are often overlooked. Affinity Magazine is read in over 178 countries and in all 50 states. Affinity Magazine is the new cool way for teens to not only read about important news, but also have their own thoughts heard loud and clear.

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Editorial Staff

Editor-in-chief: Evelyn V. Woodsen

Senior Editor: Alex Brown 

Junior Editor: Theodora Moldovan

Art Director: Yagmur Akyurek, Ladan Savar 

Race Editor: Alex Reaves, Morgan Mullings, Tobe Obiaya Nyah Hardmon

Feminism Editor: Megan Hunt, Desiree JonesLauren Breach 

Features Editor: Sam Volante

Politics Editor: Claire Harmon, Ellen Nordlund

Real Life Editor:

Sex ED Editor: Jean Bub

International Editor: Maci Hill, Jiya Mehta

Entertainment: Danielle Chelosky

Asia Editor: Jianne Soriano 

Europe/UK Editor: Tiffany Amber

LGBT+ Editor: Justin Motley, Branden Padilla

Mental Health Editor: Maddy Rambeau

OP-ED Editor: Karabo Sekgororoane Chloe Gainford


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