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You Don’t Need to Go Vegan to Save the World

A month has already passed since the U.N. announced that we have 12 years left to prevent climate change catastrophes around the world. If we don’t start acting now, countries will be under water, and heat and poverty as well as everything that comes with these will be prevalent in our lifetime. As many of you might have heard by now, everyone going vegan could make a massive impact in reducing greenhouse gases and saving

Real Life

The Google and Rookie Coding Project Every Teen Girl Needs to Know About

Google’s Made with Code, in partnership with Rookie, a publication founded by actress and fashionista Tavi Gevinson, and synonymous with female empowerment, will advance girls’ creativity and confidence through a new coding project launching in New York City on Sept. 24. If you’re not in New York don’t worry, they’ve partnered with YWCA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of women, peace and social justice for all, as well to expand the program to teen


How To Raise Boys To Be Real Men

Like countless other women, I go weeks with numerous encounters with men ending sourly. It’s easy to get filled with revolting hate for them, especially when you’re also getting rape, domestic abuse and sexual assault news thrown at you every day. But once in a while, I’m left flabbergasted by a man who is refreshingly aware of his privilege, a man that coaxes out the best version of you, a man that understands and respects

Real Life

Recommendation Letter Requirements Place Minorities At A Disadvantage

I come back home exhausted from the long day at high school. I’m too tired to go anywhere. During the summers, I wasn’t allowed to work because I had to study for the SAT. Over the years, my patience with people dwindled and I started dreading going anywhere where I had to interact with people. I joined college and things were pretty much the same except I was even more exhausted. I was forced to

Real Life

A Message to Homeless People and You

We are all humans and as a species, it’s our responsibility to look out for each other. It just makes the world better, there’s no negative. Dear homeless person, Your life is tough. Yet you are still here and that says a lot about your persistance and courage. People in your community have shown me kindness that others rarely did, and for that I will forever be grateful. You may feel forgotten but I want


Say “Climate Change” and Most People Go Numb

Whenever someone starts talking about climate change, we often get gloomy and we may listen and agree but eventually someone else changes the topic and we all move on with our lives. This is mainly because of our mind putting up defenses and after we consciously get rid of those defenses, we will be able to turn talk into action. As Per Espen Stoknes said in his TED talk, “Climate isn’t really about some abstract,

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This Program at NASA Is Incredibly Diverse — And I Got To Experience It Firsthand

Through the Minority University Research and Education Project, NASA hosts a program called NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars or NCAS. This program is designed to encourage and inspire STEM students that are going through community college for whatever reason. This mission has brought together people of all different ages and nationalities for a common purpose and I got to be a part of this incredible experience this year. After excelling in a 5-week online course, I

Real Life

What It’s Like Living Without a Smartphone

I’m a 20-year-old college student living in a first world country. But unlike everyone my age, I do not own a phone, let alone a smartphone. This was fine until recently, but now in 2017, life has become an absolute nightmare. A lot of my peers complain that their phone is a distraction or that it leads to toxic habits and that they wish they didn’t have it. They feel better when they can put

Real Life

Volunteering Is the Key to a United Community

I was helping out at a festival last week at my college when a high school student asked me, “So, why are you volunteering?” She had a bewildered look on her face, one that I have become too familiar with recently. Every time a fellow volunteer founds out that I am a college student, I have to face that look and question. High schools decided to make volunteering a necessary requirement in order to promote

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