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The Internet ‘Sex Positivity’ Movement Is Flawed

Anyone with a social media account has probably seen some part of the fairly new ‘sex-positivity’ movement that is taking place on the internet. Encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and to feel comfortable talking about it isn’t inherently bad. It’s making a lot of strides in the age-old mentality that women can’t be open about sex. However, every movement has its flaws. While this movement has empowered women to be more open about a common

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Not Following My Dreams Impacted My College Journey Negatively

I don’t regret much. In fact, I hate the question “what’s your biggest regret?” because I don’t feel that it’s healthy to walk around regretting a bunch of things in life. There’s only one thing I’d say that I regret in life and it’s not living for myself. Between choosing a college I hated, sticking with a major I hated and generally putting the wants of others before the wants of myself, I found myself more lost than

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Long Distance Relationships Are Not A Death Sentence

The idea of a perfect relationship is ingrained in a lot of people’s heads: cuddling, cute pictures, dates, holding hands and just generally being together. Even though none of these things mean that a relationship is good behind the scenes, a lot of couples still crave them. A lot of people still crave the closeness. Could you have all of the great parts of a relationship, just without your partner being right there? Long distance relationships


Stop Equating the Way a Woman Looks To Whether She Will Be Sexually Harassed

With the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, many women have come forward to tell their personal stories of being harassed by Weinstein. The scandal has also opened up a large and much-needed conversation on sexual harassment, with everyone from celebrities and not, telling their personal stories of being sexually harassed. As big as this issue has been there are still people who utter statements such as, “She looks like that and was raped?.” Recently Big Bang

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Suffering Wasn’t ‘Empowering’ for Me

It’s the age old story: “I went through and became so much stronger.” It’s almost like people want to go through tough situations because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. Whose suffering is worse has become a rampant competition. Well, I  am not inspired nor empowered by my suffering. In fact, I regret every second of having to go through it because I still face the repercussions of it today. I am a


The Las Vegas Shooter Was a White Man, But Somehow Black People Were Still Blamed

Just when the news about the Las Vegas shooting couldn’t get any worse, Fox News has a new person (besides the white terrorist who is responsible) to blame. And it’s black people. A witness on Fox News spoke about the first responders who courageously attempted to save the concertgoers and stated, “In a world where everyone is kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running toward the danger.” Even though the shooter has


The Line Between Being Socially Conscious and Just Being Pretentious

There’s no doubt that being ‘woke’ or socially conscious is at an all time high. And while activism started nowhere close to 2017, the media is stronger than ever in showing everything that’s happening. Between marches for social justice, silent protests, more movements than we can count and an abundance of internet activism, it’s no secret that people are more willing than ever to speak their minds and advocate for oppressed groups including minorities, women

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While Other Teens Were Excited To Start Driving, I Was Scared: Driver’s Anxiety Is Real

Let’s flashback to about four years ago: my sixteenth birthday. At this point, I had seen many people from my high school get their driving permit. The picture is clear in my memory, most people would be dismissed from school because the Registry of Motor Vehicles closed at the same time as school, or they would arrive late and have their permit, but the reaction was always the same: sheer excitement. Who wouldn’t be? How

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