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Why Malcolm X Day, May 19, Should Be A U.S. Federal Holiday

May 19 is a date tied to the birth of the black liberation movement, a date credited to the advancements and achievements accomplished within the black and Muslim community and has relations to the Civil Rights Movement. May 19 is the birthday of Malcolm X. Malcolm X’s actions still resonate, half a decade after his passing, with many today, including me. His sayings and his words are still applicable today, and even if they weren’t,


Nigeria’s Wealth Disparity Situation Is Only Getting Worse

Poverty is no rare sighting in Nigeria. It is so ingrained into the environments around Nigerians where it is either experienced or seen daily, and consequently, many are insensitive to it, even as they try to escape its grasps. After nearly 58 years of independence, poverty is still one of the leading issues plaguing Nigeria — with no sign of improvement.  The minimum yearly income needed to sustain a healthy living in Nigeria is 1,000

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Self-Love Needs To Include Accountability

After the show Parks and Recreation televised a scene in which the famous phrase “Treat Yo’ Self” stemmed from, the self-love and self-care trend has taken off. I hesitate to call it a trend, but essentially that’s what it became as an increasing number of people began to adopt this mentality and ideology. A simple cute scene morphed into the self-love trend we all see today in the shape of countless Tumblr posts with bullet


How Peter Dalglish’s Child Sexual Abuse Allegations Acts As A Wake-Up Call To Elite Groups Of Pedophilia

Peter Dalglish, a 60-year-old former United Nations official, was arrested on April 8 by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) in Nepal on child sexual exploitation abuse allegations. After an outside source reported these allegations to the CIB, who then closely monitored his activities, Dalglish was found in his home near Kathmandu with two children, aged 12 and 14. Multiple photos of naked children were also found in the house. In addition to the already damning


Introducing Black Maternal Health Week

The first annual Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) is currently underway and serves as a significant step towards addressing the challenges black mothers in the United States repeatedly face regarding their health. Led and founded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) – an organization focusing their efforts on the maternal health and reproductive justice of black women – April 13 to April 17, is now a week solely for supporting black mothers and bringing


U.K. Letters Advocate For “Punish A Muslim Day” On April 3

Letters distributed across the United Kingdom to the steps of people’s homes advocate for a “Punish A Muslim Day” set to occur on April 3, 2018. Along with a paragraph urging for the apparent necessary violence towards those in the Islamic community, a point system with rewards is laid out in which points are given for a range of violent actions made against Muslims. The more violent the action, the higher the points. The letter being sent

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