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Why I Don’t Stand For the Pledge of Allegiance

I learned the Pledge of Allegiance in kindergarten, at the age of five. It is so ingrained in my head that I could recite it in my sleep. And now, eleven years later, I no longer stand up at the beginning of each school day and pledge my allegiance to the United States of America. I remain in my seat. Why? Here’s my reasoning: I refuse to pledge my allegiance to my country if my


America’s Bad Habit: 48 Hours of Thoughts and Prayers

When something like a mass shooting occurs, social media platforms flood with the usual sentiments: “Thoughts and prayers.” “My heart goes out to the victims.” It’s almost a competition as to who can post how sad they are first. After 48 hours, however, it’s as if the tragic event with mass casualties never even happened. America moves on.  How terrifying is it to think that no one will ever feel moved to do something about

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