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Making Abortion Free Works: The Netherlands

Abortion is an issue at the forefront of American debate. The two prevailing arguments being pro-life and pro-choice, with pro-life supporters believing that a woman should never be able to have an abortion– even in the circumstances of rape, incest and health risks. Politicians who are pro-life are creating bills which express these beliefs. Multiple states such as Kentucky and Georgia have passed bills that ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, around six


The Rise of Social Media Activism: Is It Effective?

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past week, you’ve been bombarded with story posts about the recent abortion legislation in the United States. Countless people expressing their thoughts and feelings on the situation, reposting tweets and headlines. As I peruse these images the question strikes me over and over again: is social media activism effective? Personally, I don’t usually post my political opinions online. But I don’t have anything against people posting their thoughts


The Met Gala & Camp: Queer History

As I browsed the Met Gala outfits when I woke up this morning, I was left both impressed and confused. The outfits were as good as they always are — some unusual, some beautiful. However, I couldn’t quite get my head around the theme i.e. “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. I had literally no idea what it meant, but only when I began to understand its meaning did I fully appreciate the outfits and their societal


Out With The Old, In With The New: Democrats Divided

It seems that we are caught in an era of division. The two-party system has created a Us vs. Them mindset, equivocating politics to a sports game. People cheer for their side blindly, not actually paying attention to what their candidate believes in as long as they win. However, times are changing. The large fissure dividing Democrats and Republicans has branched off to form divisions inside the parties themselves. Specifically, in the Democratic party, sub-parties


The First All-Female Surf Club Makes a Splash for Feminism in Sri Lanka

The disparities in women’s sports are a huge issue for feminists in the United States, with topics such as sexual abuse of athletes by coaches being brought to light by the #MeToo movement and Title IX being passed into law. But these issues are universal as well. Female athletes are often looked down upon for being too masculine. They challenge gender roles across the globe and prove you can be both strong and beautiful. In Sri

Real Life

Why College Students Are Boycotting Wendy’s

Many people know about animal cruelty in the food industry. It is routinely posed by vegans and vegetarians as a reason to stop eating meat. Everyone seems to know some basic knowledge about factory farms and slaughterhouses. But what many people don’t know about is that your vegetables aren’t always farmed in humane and morally right conditions either. That’s what organizations such as the Student Farmer Worker Alliance (SFA) are working to change. As of

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