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Children and Grandchildren of Immigrants, Please Learn Your Mother Tongue

My first spoken word was ਮੀਂਹ. As the story goes, I pointed out the window and spoke the Punjabi for “rain,” pronounced “minh.” Although I can’t remember doing so, all these years later, there’s a certain pride that thousands of miles away from the Punjab, as a British citizen whose grandparents had emigrated to the country so many decades before my birth, Punjabi was the first language I had chosen to express myself in. For


Germaine Greer Isn’t a Feminist: Celebrate Women Who Are

Feminism isn’t what it used to be, and in no way is that a negative thing. Intersectional, supportive and inclusive feminism is the equality movement needed for all women, and is being spoken about and fought for on a wider level. While although we haven’t reached a completely equal society for everyone, progress has undoubtedly been made. As a global community we have brought the #MeToo initiative (first created by Tarana Burke, a social activist


Opinion: France Shouldn’t Shame People for Being Religious

I remember the first time I truly felt a sense of belonging. I was young, I don’t know how old, I had a chunni covering my head, a Kharra (Sikh bangle) dangling on my right arm and I was sat crossed-legged on the floor in the Darbar Sahib of my local Gudwara. Listening to the holy verses of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in a congregation of people, I felt at one. I had


How the Recent Oxfam Scandal Will Damage the Way the UK Sees Charities

After an internal investigation into sexual misconduct allegations was released on Monday 12th February, it’s been revealed that senior members of Oxfam had hired prostitutes during a relief mission in Haiti in 2011 and no doubt the British public are disgusted. A charity having been praised for countless operations in the face of disaster, and having been given £176 million from the UK government and other public authorities last year alone, this betrayal comes not

Mental Health

Putting Tech On Hold: There’s More To Life Than Mobile Phones

Nails tapping away on a silver screen. Tick-tack-tick. Every character typed out is armed, every second a message is left open is an ethereal bullet. In public, we feel the need to constantly document and expose each moment of our lives, each trip out, each encounter with someone else, but only if it’s something positive. Online, there’s the sense that we have to look happy all the time and if cracks start to show and we aren’t feeling


Opinion: I Don’t Want To Drink and It’s My Choice

For centuries, alcohol in all its different forms has had a place in society. Drunk as ale in the Western world during Medieval Times to its now global presence for everyone; be it red wine or a lager, we’re taught we should all pick our poison to the point where alcohol can be seen in many ways. Perhaps as a tool to let your hair down, or more dangerously as part of a trapping, vicious


Africa Alive: How an International Green Belt is Uniting the Continent

As a global community, we aren’t taking as much action as we possibly could in regards to global warming. At the cost of everything we hold dear, climate change is one of the biggest threats we on planet Earth face, and time after time environmental issues get pretty much overlooked completely. Nevertheless, in a united front against desertification in the most affected areas of Africa, countries are banding together to fight back, and in doing


Should We Celebrate Our Periods?

Whether we see it as a shameful experience or a rite of passage, people with uteruses all over the world are truly facing a huge problem: the lack of an open, more understanding dialogue when discussing menstruation. In countries all over the planet, regardless of whether they’re developed or still developing, women need more in terms of knowledge on, actions for and conversations about feminine hygiene and periods including a discussion on what having a


Australia Says a Rainbow-Coloured Yes to Marriage Equality

After a series of fierce debates and a clear divide between those who wanted to vote Yes and those who wanted to vote No, Australia has had its say on whether same-sex marriage should be legal. The voting took place through a plebiscite (a postal vote that isn’t compulsory, unlike other forms of voting in the country), and although there is a degree of uncertainty because parliament still has to vote, the public has ruled that same-sex marriage should be legalized in a

Real Life

Why Failure Isn’t the End of the World, or You

Life doesn’t guarantee successes. Whether it’s with people, your professional life, or day to day, there is absolutely nothing we can do to avoid falling short of our targets and expectations every now and then. In the constant materialistic rat-race of today, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to accept earning, having and achieving less than they initially wanted, and the recurring self-belief that failure is not an option only fuels self-doubts and the

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