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#JusticeForRash: Rashan Charles Dies After Being Held By Officers in East London

Rashan Charles died in the early hours of  Saturday morning after being chased and was then apprehended by a police officer in a shop in Hackney, London. After trying to stop Rashan’s car, CCTV footage from the Yours Truly shop shows Rashan walking into the shop and the police officer running after him, attempting to take him out of there. This is when Rashan was tackled to the ground, clearly showing that the police were


Sensationalism and Scaremongering: The Media’s Role In Islamophobia

From the cold-blooded murder of Nabra in West Virginia to the Finsbury Park terrorist attack in London, it is clear that Islamophobia is well and truly growing.  It has only just been revealed that the missing teen in Fairfax County was found dead in a pond after being beaten to death. Nabra was just an innocent 17-year-old girl, hanging out with friends while they made their way back to the mosque, when she was attacked and taken by


#Grime4Corbyn: The Campaign Encouraging Young People to Vote in the UK

After repeatedly telling the public there would be no general election, U.K Prime Minster Theresa May called a snap general election late last month. It wasn’t shocking to see that this came after poll results showed the Conservative party having their greatest lead in popularity compared to Labour since 1983. However, since then, support for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has risen, especially amongst young people. A number of influential voices in the grime scene, including Akala, Stormzy and


Somalia: The Humanitarian Crisis

In 2011, a famine in Somalia resulted in the loss of more than a quarter of a million lives. Fast forward six years and the country is on the brink of another humanitarian crisis. Due to two consecutive seasons of poor rainfall, the drought has ruined crops and livestock. This is a huge problem, especially for a country where over 70% of the population get their income from the agricultural sector. Prices of food have already


Halima Aden Makes Her Runway Debut as a Hijab Wearing Model for Yeezy

Halima Aden | Photo by Mario Sorrenti Halima Aden, the 19-year-old Somali-American stepped out on Kanye West’s Yeezy runway wearing her hijab, making her huge NYFW debut. It was iconic. She already broke barriers when she became the first Miss Minnesota contestant to compete wearing a hijab and a burkini in the swimsuit round. Unfortunately, Halima didn’t make it to the finals. However, she was the first hijabi model to sign with IMG and now, she’s


The BBC Mock Abuse and Enslavement For Comedy

‘The Real Housewives Of Isis’ is part of a new BBC Two Revolting series. Based on the Real Housewives series, the sketch attempts to poke fun at the terrorist group and at ISIS brides. Is this really what TV licenses are funding? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of satire here and there, but this mocks real oppression and the ongoing slaughter of many and all for what? The sketch isn’t funny, it is offensive and

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We Need To Look At 2016 As A Turning Point

2016, to sum it up, has been the year of Brexit, Trump, the refugee crisis, celebrity deaths and Zika. Really, it’s all been a bit overwhelming and everyone just wants to forget that this year even happened. Sure, we can look at some of these events as major setbacks to the progress we’ve made on human rights and tolerance in society and we can also look at these as tragedies that have shaken us all


How You Can Help The People Of Aleppo

I think we all know about the situation in Aleppo. After an ongoing battle,  pro-Assad forces are entering homes, slaughtering dozens of Syrian civilians. Heartbreaking goodbye messages are flooding in. These videos, pictures and tweets show the trapped and desperate people in the rebel-held neighbourhoods. Women are choosing suicide over rape. Bodies are littering the streets. The hospitals in Aleppo are no longer functioning due to the heavy bombing and destruction. We can’t let this carry

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#BlueLivesMatter, But Only If You’re White

Aml Elsokary, a proud hijab-wearing police officer, was harassed and threatened over the weekend. Elsokary went to drop off her 16-year-old son in Brooklyn. After parking her car, she returned to find her son being bothered and shoved by a white male who looked to be in his 30s. Aml Elsokary tried to intervene but was called an ‘ISIS b*tch’. The man also threatened to cut her throat before leaving. This was a hate-fuelled attack

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Amazons New Ad Shares a Touching Message

Earlier this week, Amazon released an ad that is exactly what we need in the wake of this election. The ad features a Vicar and Imam visiting each other and conversing over tea. The men are Gary Bradley, Vicar at St Mary’s and Paddington Green in London and Zubier Mohammad, principal of the Muslim School Oadby in Leicester. After their conversation, they stand up to meet each other and leave, they rub their knees in

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