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We Need to Help Low-Income Families With Autistic Children

Low-income families already face many obstacles that do not exist for those in a higher income bracket. Having a child with autism, though, brings a special set of challenges for all families. These children are gifts, but understanding them and giving them the support they need can put a financial strain on their families. Autism is one of the most common mental conditions among children affecting 1 in 68 children. The lifetime cost of supporting


The Rich Get Richer: Why “Trickle Down” Economics Don’t Work and How It’s Ruined Our Economy

Despite what many Republicans, politicians, Trump and the ever glorified Reagan would have you believe, trickle down economics does not work. It is a policy that has been shoved down the throats of the unsuspecting working class, disguised as a strategy that will help them, but in reality, it only leads to their detriment. The theory of trickle down economics is that when you cut taxes and strip away regulations on the wealthy and big


Stop the Stigma Around Female Masturbation

A teenage girl feels shame and guilt wash over like waves as she explores her own body. A few miles away a teenage boy commits the same act but he does not feel anything close to sinful, he is elated, he is a man. The teenage girl is regarded as strange almost dirty, she is struggling under the weight of a stigma. Growing up female masturbation seemed like a myth, something only males did but


Latin TV Only Represents Latin Women Who Are White, Cis and Thin

As a young girl, I watched latin novellas on television with my grandmother and I looked at the screen and struggled to see myself. The women on screen did not reflect the authentic latin women in my family or in my community but a whitewashed version of them. Tan or dark skin stretching over a curvy physique was replaced with perfectly white skin and a svelte figure. This sent a message to not only me but all


Why Moonlight Deserves Best Picture But Will Lose to La La Land

The golden theater is packed, the hot lights nearly blinding those on stage as a famous actor plays the role of the presenter. It’s Oscar night and everyone is thrumming with excitement to see which film and cast members will win the holy grail of the night: the Oscar for Best Picture. This year many amazing films have been nominated for this prestigious award and we finally have more diverse representation within the nomination (although there


Valentines Day Reinforces Gender Roles

It’s a familiar time of year when Hallmark cards are decorated with red hearts, beautiful bouquets of flowers line up windows and heart shaped chocolates fill store aisles. It’s Valentines Day and this long lasting holiday also brings about another thing of the past: gender roles. The numerous stereotypes brought on during Valentines season are just another reminder of how men and women are “supposed” to act, especially in a romantic relationship. It begins from a young

Mental Health

Latin Youth Plagued by Mental Health Stigma

A family gathers around the dinner table, forced smiles on their faces as they shovel food into their mouths and make small talk. But the teenage daughter sits eyeing her food with a blank stare, she is a part of the minority group with the most suicide attempts— Latina high school girls. There is a secret lingering between the family, making the air toxic and tense. A secret that draws shame in many Latin families:

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