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Mental Health

Debunking Myths About Mental Health

Despite awareness and acceptance spreading through social media and one’s personal life, mental health still isn’t taken as seriously as it should. There are hundreds of people who ask questions that should be taught to them earlier, who have a mindset that mental health is something very different than what it is and have never experienced first-hand a mental health issue being openly discussed by families and friends in their lives before. Myth 1: It’s


The Solution to Legalizing Marijuana Is Recognizing That There’s a Connection Between Weed and Racism

California has received praise lately for its legalization of recreational marijuana, the ninth state to do so, including the District of Columbia. While this is a step forward and makes the concept of recreational weed being legalized federally more realistic, there is an issue. And no, I’m not referring to Jeff Session’s adamant anti-weed stance that is preventing federal legalization. I’m talking about 587,700 people being arrested. Their crime? Marijuana possession. According to the Washington Post, this

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