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Bill Maher Brings Ice Cube on his Show to Help “Restore” His Image

After Bill Maher unapologetically used the n-word on his show, ignoring a long history of violent oppression surrounding the word, many people called for him to be fired. Maher offered a lazy first “apology” and after more outcry, he took a different path with the whole thing. Maher’s first apology wasn’t really an apology. His statement, “The comic mind goes to a weird place sometimes,” doesn’t excuse what he said, and at this point, he doesn’t


Police Officers Accused of Sexually Assaulting Female Co-Worker Choose Trial by Judge to Avoid Scrutiny by Jury

As more and more stories break the news about police officers sexually assaulting civilians, it’s obvious that this isn’t a recent ‘trend’ by any means. People in power have been using their power to assault and abuse other people, and what is easier than assaulting someone and then being the police they have to report it to? Not only does it dissuade sexual assault victims from coming forward about their assault, but it enables the


New Term “Stealthing” Brings Reproductive Violence Into the Mainstream

Image Source Terminology gives people the ability to describe what happened to them, and seek help and support using the terminology to guide them. “Stealthing” is an old practice, but the fairly new term is creating social awareness towards a hugely prevalent issue that’s been mostly ignored. Stealthing is defined as the act of removing a condom non-consensually, during what had started out as consensual sex. It is a form of sexual violence, and it


People Magazine, Scared of Diversity and Change, Gives Award to Julia Roberts for the 5th Time

  People Magazine announced this years “most beautiful person” and not surprisingly, it was a mediocre white person, that they’ve already given the award to. Four other times. Julia Roberts was given the award, her fifth time as winner, and setting records for the forty-nine year old actress. People Magazine seems to have decided that Julia Roberts should win every five years or so, giving it to her in 1991, 2000, 2005, 2010 and now


Disturbing Video Comparing Abortions to the Holocaust Shown to Students in Alberta

After a disturbing video comparing abortion to the Holocaust was shown in an Alberta classroom, in a Red Deer Catholic school, sexual education advocates are calling for a complete overhaul of the curriculum. The three-minute video was shown to a Grade 10 class in a religion class. It was called, “The Case Against Abortion: Personhood” and was shown during a presentation by a group called “Red Deer and Area Pro-Life.” The video starts by drawing


Canadian Liberal Government Decides Against Both Mandatory and Online Voting, Citing Risk of Hacking

Canadian’s have been patiently waiting since 2015 to hear if the Liberal government will be moving forward with mandating both online and mandatory voting, and the answer has come back as no. The Liberal’s brought the idea up in their campaign in 2015, suggesting that it could be beneficial to the country to add both new expansions, and when Trudeau was elected, they created a task force to decide whether the idea would be helpful


Police in Ottawa Purchase Bracelet Supporting Cop Charged With Manslaughter

Police brutality isn’t just a problem in the United States, in Canada, police brutality towards minorities, is also a huge problem. However, this instance, and the support for it, truly shows how disgusting people treat police brutality. Members of the Ottawa Police Service and supporters have begun purchasing and wearing rubber bracelets that read, “united we stand” on the outside of the bracelet, and the inside reads, “divided we fall”, with the number 1998. 1998 is the

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End Shark Finning, Save Our Sharks

Sharks are brutally murdered, and discarded into the ocean, every single day. Shark finning has decimated certain species of sharks by 95% since the 1970’s. Shark finning means that the fisher people cut the fins off the shark, and while it’s still living, dump its body back in the sea. Generally, shark fins are harvested for shark fin soup or alternative medicines for impotence and other ailments. It’s inhumane and wasteful. Sharks have been targeted because of huge


Kink is Not Part of the LGBT+ Community

A month or so ago, I wrote an article, aptly titled, “Cishet Kinksters Don’t Need Space in the LGBT+ Community” after stumbling across a transphobic, and wildly misinformed article by a person named Jillian Keenan, that you can read here, if you feel like being sick. This topic has been brought up again, because @huffpostqueer (Huffington Post Queer) decided to share the same article to their page, and then proceeded to argue with queer people,

Real Life

Another Teen Girl Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend After Police Insist They Can’t Do Anything

  Several days ago, I wrote an article about a teen girl murdered by her jealous boyfriend after they’d broken up, even after she’d reported him to the police for stalking and abuse. They fined her for wasting their time. He’s charging with murdering her, by cutting her throat. Yesterday, 18yr old Daphné Huard-Boudreault, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, after she called the police, and they told her they couldn’t do anything. Her 22yr old

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