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Is School Still for Learning?

For the average high school student, elementary and middle school may be a blur, as they probably spent most of their time counting down the minutes until recess or were concerned about petty drama. But high school is a totally different arena. After learning our A-B-Cs, 1-2-3s and dipping our toes in the subjects of math, science and history in elementary school, middle school pushed us to explore these subjects further at the deep end,

Real Life

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week: Why It’s Time to Recognize Their Importance

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, here’s why teachers are so important: Introducing young minds to the world of education, primary or elementary school teachers spend a great amount of time laying a base for academic success while simultaneously taming the wild mane of childhood. These teachers help students acquire basic skills in mathematics and language arts and dip their toes in the fields of science and humanities. Although recess is typically a elementary students

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Are Political Self-Immolations a Rising Form of Protest?

In the current political sphere, acts of protest–against gun violence, government, oppression and more–are plentiful. Through marches and other forms, people are able to bring attention to issues that need to be addressed. They push their movements for the betterment of society and a bright future for the next generations. But even then change is not guaranteed. In response, some may take drastic measures. On the morning of Apr. 14, David Buckel, a gay rights

Real Life

The Internet: Friend or Foe?

Since its birth in 1990, the internet has revolutionized data transmission and communication. It’s easier–and getting easier-er–to share information than ever before, from scientific research to your latest selfie. The web is a great metropolis with a place for anyone and everyone. While it offers a wide scope of benefits, is it really on our side? With the rise of the internet, online predators and con artists emerged. Because of this, many parents have reasonably

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