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What Attending Online School is Really Like

Online, self-paced learning has been a topic of controversy in my family for a while now. I have a cousin that began taking online courses two years ago, and that was what sparked the topic of this strange form of education within my family. Many of the more traditional elders worried if he was getting the proper amount of education, whether he was developing socially, making and maintaining friendships, staying active and much more. So


I Visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki And It Was Eye Opening

This summer, I had gotten the opportunity to take a month to travel throughout the country of the rising sun, Japan, on a school trip. From the hustle and bustle of neon Tokyo to the tranquil and peaceful mountainside of Hakone, I had a fantastic time exploring the culture and devouring the delicious food (read: ramen). However, I was also there for educational purposes, so inevitably, I had to visit the site of possibly one of

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