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It’s 2018! Let’s Put a Stop To Ignoring the Harassment of Women

Verbal harassment is a very common event that occurs in many women’s lives but happens to be an overlooked aspect of sexism. Excuses are often made for people who catcall women, and the victims are blamed. Many think, “You weren’t physically touched, so it couldn’t have had that big of an effect on you, right?” however the effects it has on women are very real. Some excuse the cat callers’ actions by saying men just


My Response to Rush Limbaugh’s Article About Me

Dear Mr. Limbaugh, Hi, it’s me again, that “feminazi” from Affinity Magazine. I’d like to start out by thanking you for complimenting my writing by letting it irritate you enough to the point where you, a 66-year-old-man, took the time out of your day to talk about something that was written by me, just “some babe at” I’d like to correct some of the things you said while talking about my article, “Why The

Real Life

Are Glo Ups Really Promoting Body Positivity?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be skinny to be considered beautiful. Social media is constantly pushing the idea that being skinny is related to beauty when in reality, yes skinny people can be beautiful but that is not the reason they are attractive. Everyone has an ideal weight for themselves, and that’s perfectly fine except when these goals for yourself begin to be forced on to other people, which social media is

Real Life

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

True friendship is very rare. So many people put on this fake persona as your best friend, but the minute you turn your back, they’re talking about you. It’s easy to get distracted by someone who’s hiding who they truly are. High school tends to show you people’s true colors. Even the people you thought were the most trustworthy turn out to be quite the opposite. Dealing with fake and toxic friends is something most

Real Life

Why We Need To Change Our Perspectives To End Violence

If the world were perfect, I wouldn’t have to turn on the news and see people crying, and dying everyday. We wouldn’t view each other as a waste of space, and people wouldn’t see themselves as above others. We would give to people without a complaint, it would just be instinct to help others, but instead we obsess over things like money, and refuse to share, which seems like something we were supposed to learn

Real Life

Believe It Or Not, Your Parents Aren’t Always Right

Too many times I’ve heard an adult say to me, “your generation is too sensitive!” “Kids these days need to toughen up! In my day we weren’t wimps!”. They seem to forget that their parents were saying the same things to them. People see age as a level of how wise you are, but that’s been proven to be false by people like our current president, Donald Trump. While it’s true some adults are smarter


Objectification Is Not the Victim’s Fault

You can not be blamed for other’s actions and that is just common sense. Many people seem to have trouble comprehending this. If I’m walking alone and I get catcalled, it’s my fault for wearing shorts. It seems women have to face the consequences for men a lot and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being shamed for having fingers pointed at me and recovering dirty looks for simply embracing my body and receiving


It’s Time To End the Division of Women

As a woman, I have realized that throughout my life, people are going to put me into boxes and label me. I recently became aware of this when I took my little cousin into the Barbie section of Target. As my eyes scanned the barbies with slim waists and large breasts, my eyes eventually landed on a Barbie who was bigger than all the others. She looked more realistic and immediately a smile grew on

Mental Health

Stop Using Depression as a Bad Word

We’ve all had that conversation with friends, when it’s late at night and all your thoughts seem to be spilling out of your mouth to these wonderful people that you trust with all of your heart. I had one of those nights recently with two of my best friends who go through the same things I deal with. We were talking about depression and the effect it has on us and it was hard to


Stop Twisting Feminism to Fit a Negative Image

“Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom. It’s about liberation. It’s about equality.” Emma Watson spoke passionately in an interview for the movie “Beauty and the Beast” when she was asked about being accused of being a fake feminist for posting on a Vanity Fair cover that exposed her breasts. One thing I’ve learned from being a feminist is that many

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