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Opinion: Big Brands Are White Supremacists And Sweatshops Are Proof

I was preparing to post an Instagram photo with the caption “Favorite New Coat” when I realized that almost every single piece I was wearing in the image was from Forever 21. The first thing that came to my head was that I could easily become a walking Forever 21 ad campaign if they needed one. But then I remembered a documentary I had recently watched on Netflix called “The True Cost” and contrasted the suffering


We Need to Stop Calling Microaggressions ‘Micro’ and Address Their ‘Macro’ Impact

The word ‘microaggression’ has only been blasted into the social stratosphere of the world as of the recent 2010s,  although somewhat mainstreamed from race theory work done by Madonna G. Constantine and Columbia University Professor Derald Wing Sue in 2007. Microaggressions are words, sayings, and actions that can be expelled in casual settings although they are derogatory in nature towards a person’s race, gender, sexuality, etc. Common examples include “You are pretty for a dark girl” or


On The Current Identity of Identity Politics

Some might argue that in 2017 the case for identity has become a crisis labored over for too long. Perhaps an opinionated animadversion in direct response to this claim would be that such a misconception of preposterous bounds could only be crafted by a person with a myopic world view. But within both of these pejorative remarks, it is obvious that there can be no solution to an issue as complex as identity politics if


Please Shut Up: White Complaining is Still Silencing Minority Screaming

Going to a predominantly white school has caused me to feel anxious when I hear the words “race” and “class discussion” used in the same sentence. It is not so much that I’m afraid of someone asking “Why can’t I say, nigger, if you can”, (although that has been asked at least once every school year since eighth grade), but instead I am terrified that the entire dialogue will be spent inadvertently poking at me in


Civil War: McConnell Versus Trump

Before the Republicans failed to secure the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Mitch McConnell, and President Donald Trump had a stable relationship when compared to Trump’s past dealings with other a parts of the Congressional leadership. In an interview with Reuters in May 2017, McConnell applauded the Trump administration for the work that it had done so far by saying, “What the administration is doing, not only am I comfortable with it, but I


This Week’s Trump Rundown: A Brief of This Week’s Biggest Trump Stories

Let’s be honest. As youth, it’s a little hard to keep up with every news update that your phone alerts with you as a result of the Trump administration’s bottomless corruption and scandal. With that in mind, here’s a recap of the latest ‘Trump Terror’. Anthony Scaramucci was fired as White House Communications Director Early Monday morning on July 31st, former Goldman Sachs Vice President, Anthony Scaramucci was fired as White House Communications director after being hired


We Need to Talk about White People’s Responses to Trump’s Transgender Ban

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 Donald Trump announced that the United States would no longer be allowing Transgender citizens to serve in the Army. A statement which has since been retracted. However, with that announcement, came, (in my opinion), unprecedented amounts of outrage from White Americans that I know personally, and only online through their twitter handles. There was one snap chat story that I viewed which read “Don’t get me wrong, I do support Trump,


Community Volunteer Work for My School Turned me Into a Black Servant

My school has had a service hour commitment for as long as I have been enrolled: 11 years. In fact, in order to graduate you have to complete 100 hours of community service, which the administration has dubbed “service learning”. It seems that the school wishes to enlighten students to the realities of those who are not privileged, and also to show them what it means to give back to the community as we are


America’s Democracy is in Critical Condition

As America shifts away from the popping of firecrackers, and countless backyard barbecues that took place July Fourth, Donald Trump prepares for his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin as the official President of the United States. The uncertain status of their relationship has been a point of contention since the beginning of President Trump and Hillary Clinton’s stand-off for a seat in the oval office in 2016, but many fear that Russia has injected


Black St. Louis Police Officer Shot by White Colleague

A 38-year old black officer, whose own name along with his assailants have not been released, was accidentally shot by his 36-year old white colleague. While off duty, the black officer heard a disturbance and grabbed his service gun in an attempt to mitigate the situation. The disturbance the officer noticed was the aftermath of a car theft that had occurred earlier in a Maryland Heights community, which had turned into a police chase for the

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