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Homecoming Queens Wear Jeans Too

As November draws to a close, so does Homecoming season. Sweaters are out of the Target bins and the pep-band schedules have been posted. As homecoming is a fun-loving event for many, it’s stressfully sad for others. I’m talking to you, seniors. The end-all-bee-all of popularity contests has arrived: Homecoming election. You know, I have a bone to pick with Homecoming Queen standards. What does homecoming even mean and why does everyone hate it so much?

Real Life

Why You Should Throw A Friendsgiving

You read correctly. The ultimate food-friend complex filled with cheesy games and aesthetically pleasing side dishes is here again. Gather round all, foodies and pepsi-chicken lovers, as Friendsgiving allows for a time for everyone to settle down their political swords for a split-second to just enjoy each-other’s creativity and company. For both sides of the political spectrum, this has definitely been a tense time in history, so Affinity is encouraging you to invite everyone you love and have


Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code Talks To Us About Her Fears And What’s Ahead

Well, dreams do come true. Affinity got the absolute pleasure to sit with the amazing, Reshma Saujani. Girls Who Code‘s renowned CEO and Founder took a few minutes for a Q&A with Affinity to discuss her fears and cheers experienced through her legacy as “ReshMom” to many, like me, opening doors to technology, programming, and professionalism. Nothing to shock here as Mrs. Saujani was more than welcome for Affinity’s press and welcomed us with grace and a

Real Life

Women’s Colleges Are More Than Just Feminism

Unfriendly reminder: college deadlines are around the corner. Just in case you aren’t stressed enough about meeting deadlines, you’re about to add more college applications to your list: apps to women’s colleges. Why aren’t you applying to one? Answers range from intimidation to being afraid of girl culture, but I’m here to tell you that you probably have more reasons than not to apply to one. 1. Diverse Academics Don’t know exactly what you want to be

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