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How Fifteen-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Inspired A Global Movement Where Students Skip School To Protest Climate Change

Every Friday, fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg skips school to sit outside the Swedish parliament in order to raise awareness about climate change. She will do so until Sweden is in line with the Paris Agreement. In light of the UN’s large climate conference that starts today, her actions have inspired a global movement called Fridays for future where young people strike for the sake of the environment. Greta’s activism went viral this fall when she decided


Agricultural Child Labor Is Legal In The U.S. & Countless Children Are Suffering Because Of It

Every year, thousands of children and teenagers gather along rows of tobacco to pick the leaves for cigarette companies. In front of them are long and physically heavy workdays in extreme heat, with neither adequate breaks or proper shade. Together, they are part of a larger group of agricultural child workers who remain invisible and unprotected by the state. Since child labor still isn’t something of the past in the U.S., these children have to


The Nobel Literature Prize Sexual Assault Scandal, Explained

While it right now is the time of the year when the Nobel prize winners are announced, it seems to be quiet about one particular prize: the literature one. For the first time in almost 70 years, there won’t be any Nobel literature laureate; instead, two people will be awarded the prize in 2019 instead of one. It’s all due to a crisis within the academy that awards the prize, caused by a massive corruption and

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How this organization helps teenagers change the world

For the tenth year, Three Dot Dash (a project driven by the non-profit organization We Are Family Foundation) is helping 30 new teenagers change the world, with the application deadline set at Sep. 16. The teenagers, which are called Global Teen Leaders (GTLs), come from around the globe and have solutions to certain humanitarian problems or projects that create social change. They are given a year of mentorship and support to power their solution or


How This Summer Gave The World A Taste Of Climate Change

The global heat wave that struck the world this summer has gotten a lot of media attention, particularly through its relation to climate change. But how exactly does this summer stick out and why is it a strong demonstration of global warming? If you haven’t been keeping up with the heat wave news, here’s a quick break down of the ways that this summer has shown the world how climate change isn’t something of the distant


The E.U. Has Approved A Law That Could Ban Memes, Ruin Fandoms And Put An End To The Internet As We Know It

On June 20, the E.U. Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) approved a copyright reform to be up for negotiation that could impose strict censorship on anything that is consumed, created or shared on the internet in Europe. After the approval, the reform is now passed on to the E.U. parliament which will vote whether to continue the process of negotiating the bill on July 4. According to critics, the copyright directive is, if implemented, arguably


Feminism And T-Shirts: Unpacking The Not-So-Simple Relationship

These last couple of years, it’s been pretty hard to miss how the clothing industry has overflown with feminist statement tees. With slogans like “the future is female” and “girl power” being repeated on t-shirt after t-shirt, feminist messages have become one of the go-to prints on women’s clothing. The role of this phenomenon goes far beyond a normal fashion trend; its existence is an important part of a larger discussion since it reflects a


6 Ways That The World Is Doing Way Better Than You Think It Is (Read This To Restore Your Faith In Humanity)

Through the web of sickening headlines and increasingly alarming news stories, it is easy to assume that the world is going down a downward spiral. Syria, Trump, the zero-tolerance policy, it is no wonder that close to two-thirds of Americans perceive the news as a “very or somewhat significant source of stress,” a stress that causes many to experience fatigue, anxiety and sleep-loss according to a survey conducted by the American Psychology Association. Only 6% of


8 Teenagers About What It’s Like To Experience A Dictatorship

I still remember the flags of Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator, that used to cover the Tunisian streets like it was yesterday. I was less than 10 years old and used to visit my country during the summer breaks. However, I still understood what went on in Tunisia and how Ben Ali, along with the police, oppressed the population. In January 2011, everything turned. A few days after I left Tunisia after having spent the


Brexit Will Be A Huge Setback For Women’s Rights And Gender Equality – Here’s How

While implications for mobility, trade and the economy constantly are at the center of discussions surrounding Brexit, few are aware of its impact on those who will be hit the hardest: women and minority groups. Research has shown that Brexit could be a disaster for women in the U.K., especially those who are poor or vulnerable. It is clear that Brexit poses a great threat to women and their rights, as it could be a

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