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No, Your Dreams Aren’t Impossible

Big thanks to my dear friend and daily inspiration Solène for helping me with this article. Please, don’t ask me anymore what I would like to do for a living, what my professional goals are. I can’t stand this question. As students approaching the end of high school, we feel the urging pressure to apply to universities for studies that we do not care for, because society tells us that we need to have a

Real Life

An Interview With Heather, a Homeless Woman Who Says We Should NEVER Donate to the Salvation Army

Heather is a trans woman (she/her) who is homeless. She has recently decided to share her harrowing story of how she was treated in a Salvation Army shelter on her Twitter @milknmuffins, and it struck a cord with a lot of people, inspiring them to want to further help their homeless communities and carefully consider the charity organisations they support. I got the chance to talk to Heather so as to further understand why she claims

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