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Cornell Fraternity Put On Probation Over “Pig Roast” Contest Targeting Overweight Women

Cornell’s Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has been put on a two-year probation for a contest where pledges earned points for having sex with overweight women. The contest was called a “pig roast”, and if there was a tie, the winner was whoever had slept with the heaviest woman. The women were not informed about the game. According to the university report, the challenge took place in 2017, but it is unclear how long the contest


Men Are Invited to Speak At Top U.S. Universities More Frequently Than Women

A recent study found that men made up 69% of colloquium speakers at top U.S. universities, compared to 31% of women. For the study, researchers built a database of every colloquium speaker from six different departments: biology, bioengineering, political science, history, psychology and sociology from the top 50 U.S. universities. The study estimated the full pool of available speakers by listing every professor in the chosen fields working at the top 100 U.S. universities and


What the U.S. Can Learn From Canada’s Ruthlessly Pragmatic Immigration Policy

Immigration policy has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years and U.S. President Donald Trump’s increasingly inflammatory rhetoric about immigration has sparked nationwide debate over the fate of America’s future immigrants. Arguments over immigration are increasingly more extreme: more immigration is an immense threat to national security or illegal immigration is not intrinsically a problem and there should be no policies that expand immigration enforcement. Both are unrealistic and uninformed views on how the


CVS Is Preparing to Buy Aetna Health Insurance for $69 Billion

CVS is getting ready to acquire health insurance company Aetna for $69 billion, according to recent reports. This would continue the current trend of disrupting traditional divisions in the healthcare industry, which is already bracing for possible instability because of proposed changes to government programs like Medicare. It would also be one of the largest mergers in the history of the healthcare industry. CVS already provides some coverage through a pharmacy benefits manager, or PBM. PBMs


Texas Republican Used Taxpayer Funds to Settle Sexual Harassment Scandal

Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX) used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim made by a former aide who sued him for sexual harassment in 2014, according to a Washington Post report. The amount totaled $84,000 and was taken from a little-known treasury department fund created to cover workplace settlements involving lawmakers. The suit was filed by his former communications director Lauren Greene, who accused Farenthold of making sexual comments aimed at Greene to determine if


Could Legalizing Marijuana Help Save Economies in Coal Country?

There’s no denying it: areas which rely heavily on coal are at an economic tipping point. Employment in the coal industry peaked in the 1920s and has been in steady decline ever since, with coal production plunging to the lowest level in 35 years during 2016. Coal markets are competing with alternative and renewable energy sources and modernization, and jobs have been suffering as a result. Between 1983 and 2014, coal employment fell by 59 percent, and

Real Life

Do “Healing Crystals” Really Work? Science Says No

Healing crystals seem to be everywhere nowadays — celebrities Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne have been seen crystal shopping, and crystal shops are thriving in areas like Los Angeles. Proponents claim that different crystals can boost your energy, relieve stress, and even repel “negative energy and pollutants”.  Modern crystal “healing” borrows from a myriad of cultural traditions including the Chinese chi or qi, a “life-energy”, and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras. These crystals


Tajikistan Authorities Are Targeting Gay and Lesbian Citizens Under the Guise of “Public Health”

A registry of 367 suspected gay men and lesbians has been created by the Interior Ministry and General Prosecutor’s Office of Tajikistan. Authorities stated that the registry was created in order to identify LGBT individuals, which the government required to take blood tests for STDs. The list was created using operations which the government titled “purge” and “morality.” Although it is being passed off as “protecting” the public from sexually transmitted diseases, LGBT and human rights

Mental Health

Research Supporting Mindfulness Is Surprisingly Lacking

Mindfulness seems to be one of the most hyped-up health trends right now. But does it actually work? Unfortunately, many psychologists are afraid that some of the claims made by proponents of mindfulness aren’t supported by real research. In fact, it became such a problem that recently 15 respected psychologists and cognitive scientists published an article detailing all of the issues with current assertions. Many of the studies used lacked a standard definition of what “mindfulness” really


A Guide To Balanced Media — How To Avoid Fake News

The United States has always had a problem with biased media, from yellow journalism to inaccurate Facebook posts. In the age of “fake news,” who can you trust? The good news is, there’s good news. First, I would recommend reading news from both right and left-wing sources. Even if you don’t agree with a certain perspective, it’s important to not trap yourself in a political bubble. If anything, understanding other perspectives can help you better

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