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Trump Uses Slur In Front of Native American Veterans

On Monday, President Donald Trump referred to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocohantas” at a ceremony to honor the Native Americans who served to win World War II. Mr. Trump welcomed the three Navajo code talkers from World War II to the Oval Office. He deemed them “incredible” and “very special people.” It is not the first time Donald Trump has mocked Massachusetts Senator’s claims of being Native American. “You were here long before any


Three Killed After Kenya’s Presidential Election Rerun

At least three were killed as an aftermath of Kenya’s presidential election rerun which had been boycotted by the country’s opposition leader. Violence commenced between the police and protestors quickly after the polls were opened at 6 a.m. local time. Voting was officially closed at 5 p.m. However, some areas had voters queuing and so were allowed to cast their votes. In some areas, voting has been reported to be postponed until Saturday. An Al


See How This 20-Year-Old Called Out Her Catcallers and Their Chilling Response

According to researchers iHollaback and Cornell University, 84% of females have been catcalled by the time they reach age 17. 20-year-old Amsterdam-based student Noa Jasma was no different. Fed up with the constant string of harassment that followed her down the street — Jasma refused to stay quiet on the abuse and vowed to do something. She opted to document photographs of her catcallers. The response was chilling. Scrolling past what seems like an endless


Egypt Detains 43 For Waving LGBT Pride Flag

At least 43 people have been detained in Egypt simply because of a rainbow flag. The search began two weeks ago after several pictures of people dancing with the LGBTQ+ flag in a concert were posted online. The police claimed that the people who were arrested were “homosexuals who raised the LGBT flag and encouraged the practice of immoral acts.” Most of those who were arrested have been put through a quick trial and even


Anthony Weiner Has Been Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison For Sexting a Minor

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner was reduced to tears on Monday as the Judge announced his verdict  — he had been sentenced to a total of twenty-one months in prison. His crime? Sexting a fifteen-year-old girl. The federal judge had then ordered Weiner to turn himself in by the sixth of November. He was also sentenced to three years of supervised release and a $10,000 fine according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. In a


How Other Countries Would Rather Have Boys Than Girls

When my sister was born on December 2008 in Dubai, U.A.E, I remember peering into the glass incubator and marveling at how much her face resembled a ripened plum. Her hands were clenched into a tiny fist, her lips purple in color quivering with every gentle breath she took. My mother was catching her breath on the hospital bed and my father and other sister sat close to her. My baby sister crinkled her nose

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