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Harrison J. Romero

If You Are Transgender, This Might Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

Scrolling through Twitter like usual, I found something that has to be one of the most charitable causes of which I know. From what I learned from speaking with the group, the Trans Relief Project is a grassroots group started by four United States citizens, one of whom is transgender, and two of whom identify as queer. They started this project to help transgender individuals that are facing the difficulties of officially changing their name,


Does Donald Trump Lack Elementary Manners?

  By now, you have definitely heard Donald Trump call our leaders “stupid” or “incompetent,” and I don’t know why the news has said nothing about it. They play clips and comment on his behavior daily but never do they comment on the fact that he repeatedly calls our leaders stupid. There should be a certain level of respect shown for our leader, regardless of party affiliation. Nobody said that every citizen must agree with the


If It Isn’t a Third World Country, What Is It?

In modern times, the term, ‘third world country’ is becoming less, and less acceptable. This is coming from the progression of racial and economic awareness. To understand this debate, it is necessary to know the history of the topic. In the beginning of the Cold War, the terms, ‘first, second, and third world’ (The Three Worlds Theory) were invented by the French demographer, Alfred Sauvy. The Cold War was fought between Capitalism and Communism. He

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