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The Plight of Uighur Muslims in China

The Uighurs are Turkish-speaking Muslims originating from Central Asia, who mainly live in Xinjiang, Northwest China. The People’s Republic of China annexed the region of Xinjiang in 1949 when the Uighurs were the vast majority-which represented 76% of the population-and the Han Chinese were the minority. After 70 years, the region’s Uighur population reduced to 42% while the Han Chinese population ballooned to 40%, an exponential increase from 6.7% in 1949. Although the Uighurs technically


How Carlos Ghosn’s Arrest Exposes Corporate Money Hunger

Just recently, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, was arrested and charged with “falsifying financial reports in under-reporting his compensation, and with breach of trust in having Nissan shoulder investment losses and making payments to a Saudi business,” according to AP News. He was released on bail, only to be arrested again just a few days ago. His prospects are looking dim, as the French government is currently ignoring his pleas for help. This scandal has shaken


A Look At American Feminism in the Last 100 Years

It’s almost the end of Women’s History Month, and we indeed deserve a month celebrating the work women from ages ago that have paved the way for us, and the generations to come. From simply wearing bloomers to the #MeToo movement, the feminism comes in many forms. There are many events that have revolutionized women in society, but these events are some that define what feminism is for. June 4, 1919: Congress passes the 19th

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