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Here’s Why Florida Restoring Voting Rights To Felons Is Important

In a key-ballot initiative, Florida will now restore voting rights to citizens convicted of felonies, with the exception of murder and sex offenses, after they serve their time. Approximately 1.5 million people are currently barred from voting in Florida because of past felonies, a statistic that represents 10% of Florida’s adult population. 64% of Floridians agreed to restore felon voting rights. The key-ballot initiative required for a majority of 60% support to pass. Previously, felons

Mental Health

It’s Time to Break the Somali Mental Health Stigma

Somalia is a nation with a rich history, a nation that births storytellers, writers, poets and nomads; a country so beautiful it was once known as the “white pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Like any other nation, we also have a history of war, pain and trauma. For centuries, the Somali community has reduced the mental health crisis to be the “disease of the devil.” Our trauma and pain started during the beginning of the


Trump Ignorantly Credits Himself For Being The Reason Black Unemployment Is Low

President Trump is notorious for embracing his racist views about minorities, whether it’s about discriminating black people regarding his housing developments or openly calling latino’s ‘rapists’. Famed rapper Shawn Carter, or Jay-Z, who publicly supported Barack Obama’s presidency and favored Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign, gave his take on Trump’s racist tendencies on CNN’s The Van Jones Show. Shawn expressed his abhorrence to Trump’s view on race and told CNN’s Van Jones: “It really is hurtful,


The Problem With Western Media: Africa’s Negative Coverage and False Generalizations

Almost a month ago, Somalia faced the deadliest attack that ever occurred on homeland. Of course, being that it is a black, Muslim country, nobody seemed to actually care about the well-being of the people of Somalia, but rather about the religious/political aspect of it. Western media has always shown Africa to be a third-world country ridden with poverty and incurable diseases. Western media views Africa in a negative narrative and that is harmful. The

Mental Health

A Muslim Teen’s Experience Dealing With Social Anxiety

Dealing with common mental disorders can be very overwhelming especially when your culture stigmatizes it. Muslims deal and cope with personal issues in many different ways, most of them are ineffective and dangerous. Unfortunately, many mentally ill Muslims are not seeking help because of the stigma and that is extremely dangerous. According to the Muslim Mental Health Journal,  “Abu-Ras (2003) found about 70% of Muslims reported shame and 62% felt embarrassment seeking formal mental health


Dear Justice System, Please Put Some Respect On Black People

Earlier this week, Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot Philando Castile back in July last year got acquitted on all charges. He was also fired by the City of St. Anthony in MN. So I guess that murdering black people is now legal in the US. Philando Castile was not the only one who was failed by the justice system. According to the American Bar Association, 1 in 16 African Americans are subjected to the


The Blues Of A Black Muslim

This how I feel to be a Black Muslim, living in Trump age and feeling deeply excluded from the predominately-Arab Muslim community. It hurts knowing that the largest group of American-Muslims are black but we are often non-existent and the last to speak and practice Islam. Its absolutely aggravating that we don´t get enough attention for our contribution of spreading Islam when anti-black Muslims refuse to acknowledge our existence and significance. Black Muslims are the


How Islam Truly Empowers Women

As a Female Muslim-American, I have always viewed Islam to be very woman-empowering and feminist, reading the Quran & many religious scriptures taught me so. As I became more active on social media or just media in general, I found out that many people have accused Islam and its oppression on women. It just turns out that they never read the Quran and its holy scriptures. Women were a integral part of the creation of


Dear East-Africans, Don’t Hate And Deny Your Blackness

Photo Maryan Garane // Mizizi Shop Growing up as a child of a Somali family, I always heard the words “Somalis aren’t black”, “Somalis are Arab” and all other responses. I grew up not appreciating my blackness and not acknowledging it. Around my culture, being a true Somali would be having type 2 or 3 hair, light skin tone and having a straight nose. As for me, I didn’t have those features. I have 4A hair


Why Marvel’s Diversity Is Important

Over the past 5+ years Marvel has been changing it’s dynamic of it’s characters by giving all of the classic marvel characters legacy and mantle to newer & younger heroes therefore creating new and fresh stories out of these characters in order to expand the comic book audience and it has indeed been somewhat of a success with bringing in more people to the comic book industry. When Marvel introduced Kamala Khan as Miss Marvel

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