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Anti-Immigrant Extremists Strike Again: Austria’s Sebastian Kurz Set to Win Election

This week, Austrian voters took to the polls and chose between candidates from the many parties competing for a seat in Parliament. Between the three main parties, Austrians got to choose between the Social Democrats Party, a center-left coalition that focuses on more liberal economic and social policies, the People’s Party and the Freedom Party, which has known far-right and extremist elements. Despite the Social Democrats’ recent strides in maintaining equality and justice for Austrians throughout


In Celebration of Coming Out Day: What To Do When Someone Comes Out to You

October 11th is Coming Out Day, and in light of that, its important to understand what today is all about. Coming Out Day, which has been observed by thousands of LGBT-identified people and allies all around the country and world, is an important day for reflection and celebration of all the LGBT people in our lives, as well as those who are making their identities known for the first time. Because of that, here are


Here’s How Schools Can Become More Trans-Inclusive

Last year, trans students all around the United States struggled with maintaining high grades, attendance and just keeping up with the rigor and intensity of American high schools, all in the face of adversity and hostility. As a matter of fact, GLSEN released a report two years ago showing that LGBT-identifing students were less likely to complete high school than straight and cisgender students and are more likely to be bullied, harassed and stripped of


3 Reasons to Watch the Upcoming Alabama Senate Race

Although the extremely divisive 2016 election year is behind us, the 2017 special elections and the ones coming up in the midterms don’t necessarily look any more promising. From Donald Trump’s polarizing and ill-advised tweets (of which there are many) to the fact that ultra-nationalist candidates are being elected in Republican primaries all across the nation, voters are once again going to be faced with an ugly election cycle, a batch of unruly candidates, and


Let’s Take A Look At What It’s Like To Be Trans All Over The World

In recent times, trans rights have advanced tremendously, especially in developed countries. Nations like Sweden, Israel and New Zealand have seen great leaps forwards when it comes to trans rights, including the election of a trans member of parliament and the recruitment of trans soldiers in some militaries around the world. Right here at home, states like California have enacted relatively progressive policies medically, including integrating transition costs into the state’s Medicaid program. But the fact

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