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Not Surprised! CBS’s CEO Les Moonves Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

On Sunday, Leslie Moonves, CEO of the CBS Corporation, resigned in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. The initial accusations emerged in a July article by reporter Ronan Farrow for the New Yorker, which detailed the claims of six women. Four said that Moonves forcibly kissed or touched them, while the other two explained “physical intimidation” and threats to ruin their careers. All six women believe their careers suffered as a result of their rejection


Congress Votes to End Government Shutdown. What’s Next for DACA?

On Monday afternoon, the Senate passed the three-week spending bill with a vote of 81 to 18. The House approved it that evening, providing additional government funding until Feb. 8. The bill now heads to the Oval Office desk for the President’s signature. Democrats originally held back their votes Friday in an attempt to incite legislation on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA). The program protects individuals who were brought to the U.S.


The Air Force Preparatory Academy Hate Crime Hoax and the Power of the Outlier

Racial slurs found written on the doors of five black cadets at the Air Force Preparatory Academy in September turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by one of them. The student wrote “Go home n—–” in black marker across the message boards of his peers. The graffiti was met with swift denunciation by Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria. In a publicly lauded speech to the school’s cadets, Silveria warned, “If you demean someone


Declassified Documents Reveal the U.S. Knew About Indonesian Massacre

Newly declassified documents reveal the US government knew about the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965 as they occurred and yet failed to act. The US Embassy in Jakarta shared “intimate” knowledge of the violence with Washington, including a list detailing whether known Communist leaders had been arrested or killed. Telegrams described religious orders to civilians “to kill suspected communists,” and how “victims taken out of populous areas before being killed and bodies


21 States Were Targeted By Russian Hackers During the 2016 Election

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informed 21 states that they were targeted by Russian hackers during the 2016 election. The DHS shared the news with those in “ownership” of voting systems, local offices or private vendors, in June, but chose to withhold the intelligence from state election officials. After months of uproar, in which many officials complained that they needed to know how to secure their systems for future elections, the top


Officers Will Not Be Prosecuted in Death of Freddie Gray

The U.S. Department of Justice announced their decision Tuesday to not prosecute the six Baltimore police officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, citing “insufficient evidence to support federal criminal civil rights charges.” Three of the officers were acquitted, and, in July 2016, charges were dropped against the other three. On Sunday,  April 12th, two police officers approached Gray on a street corner. When he proceeded to run away, he was assaulted and searched for weapons,


The Barcelona Terror Attacks From Someone Who Was Nearby

First came the ambulances. Just two or three initially, speeding into the Plaça Catalunya where I sat in a small corner restaurant. Two minutes later, the cop cars arrived. Sirens wailing, lights flashing, they attracted the attention of bystanders. I brushed it off immediately; perhaps an elderly person had a heart attack or a Vespa collided with a car. I knew from personal experience that everyone responds to a 911 call. Large blue vans reading Mossos d’Esquadros rushed

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Yazidi Women And Girls Freed From ISIS Sex Slavery

Of the estimated 500,000 Yazidis in existence, the majority reside in the Nineveh Plains of northern Iraq, as well as in Syria and the Caucasus. Although their faith is rooted in Zoroastrianism, Christianity and even Islam, they have been targeted as polytheists and “devil-worshippers” by ISIS. Yazidis recognize seven angels stemming from the Creator, the chief of whom, Malak Taus, is prayed to five times a day. Also known as Shaytan, he is considered an

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