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Has the American Government Been Aiding Saudi Arabia’s War Crimes in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia and the United States have a relationship that stretches back almost a century, since the 1933 kick-off of oil exploration in the kingdom. However, no physical support or intervention happened until the 1940s, when oil companies urged Washington to establish some form of relationship with Saudi Arabia — through political and defence influence. Consequently, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated that the defence of Saudi Arabia was very important to the US, which led to the construction


Politicians Aren’t Memes, Celebrities, or Your Friends

Nearly nine months since Trump took office — between a hurricane exacerbated by decades of neglect to properly address climate change, an increasingly reckless and hostile relationship between two nuclear powers, and a brazen resurgence of white supremacy that’s being normalized by the most powerful people in the country — liberals have finally found a way to confront the grim reality of his presidency: spending thousands of dollars on terrible fan fiction. The Kickstarter for


Trump Pardons Racist Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

At President Trump’s most recent campaign-rally-style tantrum in Arizona Tuesday night, he emphatically affirmed his support for the cartoonishly evil, criminally convicted former Sheriff of the state: Joe Arpaio. This past July, Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt of court for willfully failing to follow a federal judge’s order to stop detaining individuals based on racial profiling. Friday evening, the White House confirmed that Trump would indeed use his presidential pardoning powers to absolve


Alt-Right Icon Steve Bannon Fired as Chief White House Strategist

Steve Bannon, formerly Chief White House Strategist, is the most recent of a long line of Trump staffers to be abruptly fired since the president took office in January. Bannon, perhaps the most controversial member of Trump’s team, was considered the brains behind Trump’s 2016 campaign — he’s credited with forming many of the president’s “America first” nationalist messaging. His level of influence in the White House and relationship to the president has been under


How Not to Legalize Marijuana: A Lesson From Justin Trudeau

Of all the issues to be raised during the 2015 Canadian election, it is marijuana legalization that has garnered the most global attention and acclaim. Justin Trudeau’s pledge to legalize recreational use of the drug has, in the eyes of many in the international community, cemented Canada’s image as a world leader in progressive politics. However, as many countries seem primed to follow suit in moving past an era of failed prohibition, they shouldn’t exactly


What’s Next for the Canadian Left?

Over the past few years, the surging popularity of leftist politics has become impossible to ignore. The unanticipated successes of the Sanders campaign in the U.S., the Mélenchon campaign in France, and the Corbyn campaign in the U.K. have crystallized a growing support for socialist policies — each campaign galvanizing support from those who had previously been left out of the political process (particularly young and poor people). More importantly, these elections have highlighted a rejection

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