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You Suck at Breaking Bad Habits, But It’s Not Your Fault

As the new year rolls around, so do lists upon lists of resolutions – resolutions that we often don’t fulfill. We start the year off motivated, ready to pursue a new lifestyle, more mindful habits, or a healthier lifestyle, then we constantly question where it went after a few weeks. But, maybe it’s not your motivation. Maybe it’s more than willpower. See, every single human has six core emotional needs: certainty, variety, significance, love and

Real Life

Is The Standard American Diet Doing More Harm Than Good?

For many years, the switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet has been a widely debated and controversial subject. Humans have been eating meat and animal products since the beginning of time, and only over the past few decades or so have many people begun to switch their largely omnivorous diet and lifestyle to cater to a more plant-based one. There are many studies that support both the negative and positive aspects of a largely plant-based diet, but do the pros outweigh the cons, or do the cons...


#MeToo Sparks Up Overdue Conversation On Sexual Assault

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. This rising statistic doesn’t come close to accounting for the countries in which sexual assault is even more common, and little is done about it. This statistic doesn’t account for place after place in this world where sexual assault is still an issue that isn’t talked about. This statistic doesn’t shed light on the many cases that aren’t reported, aren’t talked about, and are kept hidden out


An Interview with Benjamin Hoppe, a Teen Entrepreneur Changing the World Through Sustainable Business

Benjamin Hoppe, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, environmentalist, and dog lover, dedicates his life to staying true to his passion in order to better the planet. As we see the debate of climate change arising now, more than ever, Hoppe believes that “as a human being, we all have the responsibility to do our part; we have the responsibility to pass down the planet to future generations.” Though climate change and its effects are daunting, Hoppe devotes

Real Life

4 Tips for Staying Grounded This School Year

The grind. Hours of classes, schoolwork, working as many shifts as you can, trying to make time for your passions, spending time with friends and family, keeping up with outside work, all within a day…I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hard – we all have our moments questioning ourselves, stressing out about time, money and energy. Though it’s important to push yourself in everything you do, there comes a point where it’s too

Real Life

The Reality of Climate Change

Yesterday, there were climate change marches happening all over the world. I had the privilege and honor to speak at the New Hampshire Climate Rally, alongside some incredible leaders and well spoken individuals. Here is what I spoke on — a very real issue, that is often put on the back burner, is rising – just as our sea levels. If we’re fighting to survive on the planet we inhabit, worrying about whether or not


Venezuela Protests: a Glimpse into the Real Life Conflict

A look into what Venezuela is currently experiencing – from the eyes of a citizen, Gerardo Suarez. Briefly describe what is going on in Venezuela right now. Right now, Venezuela is suffering the consequences of 17 years of bad management, corruption, and fraudulent elections, that have led the country to the state it is in now: destroyed economy, separation of the people, starvation, extreme poverty, and the biggest emigration rate that the country has ever


The Nuances of a Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you wonderful, powerful, beautiful ladies out there: all of you. To the ladies that don’t fit the “normal” depiction of what a woman is – your femininity should not, and is not determined by the expectations and standards you’re held to. Gender expectations can close us up, put us into boxes, and label us, whether identifying as male, female, or gender-fluid. In my eyes, how can one expect

Real Life

A Depiction of “Health”

I remember walking down the hallway of my ever supportive elementary school, talking and laughing with one of my best friends, doing what fourth or fifth graders do. But, as I recall this memory, vividly replay the scenario in my mind, I don’t recall something that fourth or fifth graders should be doing, what anyone should be doing, for that matter.  The situation went like this: One of my best friends and I were pitter

Real Life

Empathy: A Blessing and a Curse

As I look out the driver’s side window at the night sky as we speed past the stars in the sky, I can’t help but tear up at how beautiful it is to be alive, to be able to see this amazing planet, to be able to feel so deeply. My mind suddenly wanders to how beautiful it is to be able to witness and be a part of the beginning of many children’s lives,

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