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Kaltra Zabiku

Puerto Rico Cut Off From FEMA’s Food and Water Aid

FEMA has announced its end to supplying food and water after distributing more than 30 million gallons of potable water and almost 60 million meals to the people of Puerto Rico. When the devastating Hurricane Maria hit the island, the population residing in rural areas were cut off from their access to resources. The only way food and water could reach them was by helicopters provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In time, these

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Recent Revelations about the Attempted Terrorist Attack on an Amtrak Train in October

Back in October, an armed Missouri man was arrested for pulling an emergency brake on an Amtrak train. He is now being charged as a terrorist by federal authorities according to court papers. Taylor Michael Wilson, 26, is a member of a Neo-Nazi group and has a history of problematic behavior such as attending the alt-right rallies in Charlottesville. His cousin told the FBI, he frequently talks about “killing black people.” He also told investigators

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The Link Between the Foster Care System and Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic was the result of pharmaceutical companies producing a high rate of prescribed opioid pain relievers, assuring medical communities that users would not become addicted. However, opioids cannot simply be cut out of medication due to their vitality in modern medicine and improving the health of millions. The problem occurs when people start to become addicted to these prescribed drugs. An estimated 2 million people in the United States suffer from substance abuse

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