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Hello, Mr President: Michael Bennet

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D—Colorado) announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on May 2. He is the twenty-second Democrat to enter the 2020 race. Personal Background: Bennet was born in 1964 in New Delhi, India, to a political family. His father was an aide to the U.S. ambassador to India, the President of NPR, and worked in both the Carter and Clinton administrations, while his grandfather was an advisor to President Franklin Delano


That Social Justice Account You Follow Might Be A Russian Troll

(Disclaimer: The following information is what has been made public in the redacted Mueller Report –– not all information pertaining to this topic has been released yet. The report can be viewed here).  Before, during and after the 2016 presidential election, a massive effort was made by Russia to sway American public opinion in favor of Mr Trump. The Russians targeted Americans via various social media sites, organized political rallies and protests, and in some


Hawaii Almost Became the First State to Ban Flavored Vapes

The Hawaii State Legislature recently made national headlines when it introduced bill SB1009 that would have banned the sale and distribution of all flavored tobacco products except menthol. The intent was to reverse the growing trend of tobacco use, especially vaping, among teenagers. Although use of regular cigarettes by teens remains low, vaping has exploded. According to a 2017 survey by the Hawaii Health Department, 16% of middle schoolers and 26% of high schoolers vape.

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What’s The Deal With American Foreign Language Classes?

Americans seem to like the idea of learning a language. There are multiple companies and apps that can supposedly turn you fluent in a month, boasting everything from Spanish to Swahili to Klingon. Then there’s the usual Internet clickbait: “Learn in 5 Days!” But when it comes down to the actual process of learning a language, especially in school, the U.S. is considerably less eager. Most Americans speak English and nothing else. According to the


The Anti-Vaxxer Movement Is About More Than Vaccines

Anti-vaxxers, or parents who display significant hesitancy to vaccinate their children, were named by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten public health threats for 2019. Not only has the percentage of unvaccinated or undervaccinated American kids quadrupled since 2001, at least twenty state legislatures recently proposed bills to make it easier for parents to opt out of shots. Anti-vaxxers believe that the risks of vaccines, some of which may not even

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