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Lila Lofving

Can The Green New Deal Actually Be Considered Socialism?

In the past few months, the creation of the Green New Deal has sparked a debate across the country. Climate change and its mitigation have finally become hot button discussion topics, which greatly adds to the momentum of the Sunrise Movement and the climate action movement in general. But at the same time, the Green New Deal has received widespread criticism both as a document and as a doctrine. Most recently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch


Hello, Mr President: Jay Inslee

Personal Background: Inslee grew up in Seattle Washington, where his father was a high school teacher and his mother, a sears sales-rep. He attended the University of Washington as an undergrad student, and then Willamette University for Law School. He worked as an attorney and then a prosecutor for several years before he became involved with grassroots organizing. His activism began when he became involved in the fight against funding cuts for rural Washington Schools.

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