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Why The School System Failed Me

If you’re anything like me, your past school experiences are something you’d rather forget. Be it sleazy behavior, the people there or the concept of being forced to memorize textbooks to prove your intelligence, the majority of us have disliked school at one point or another. In the following I will talk about the negative effects school has had on me in the past 18 years. The last time I truly enjoyed attending classes was


It’s Time For Switzerland To Stop Discriminating Against Foreigners

Dear Switzerland, Yes, you are incredibly wealthy and economically advanced. Your education system is incredible in a lot of ways. Your manners and social etiquette are almost flawless. Your food, though a bit bland, is enjoyable. You have financial stability and an amazingly low unemployment rate. But please hear me out as I offer my two cents to a problem I’ve noticed all my life growing up in your country. First of all, a large


How Growing Up In a Religious Indian Household Has Affected Me

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had to participate in Christian traditions. Since my family is Indian and strictly conservative, it obviously made my childhood extremely fun. But other than being forced to partake in a 45-minute prayer every night as well as attending church every Sunday, it additionally influenced me heavily throughout my life. In school, I was bullied for “defending my religion.” My mother always made sure to remind me that I was


Why The Lack Of Color On Youtube Is A Problem

If you’re engaged online you most likely have heard of Youtubers such as Zoella, PewDiePie, Marcus Butler and Dan and Phil. Although, this is naming just a few of the “big faces” of Youtube, an extremely popular video platform. Whether you’re a fan or couldn’t care less about them; there is a worrying fact about all these famous creators – the vast majority of them are white. Your initial response might be “So what? They

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