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Ivanka Trump Tweeted #TIMESUP, and the Internet is Not Having It

After Oprah Winfrey addressed the Golden Globes audience while accepting the Cecil B. Mille Award on Sunday night, the world was erupting with applause. Praise for Winfrey’s iconic, eye-opening speech was so powerful that rumors of an Oprah 2020 presidential run have begun to spread, even reaching President Donald Trump. One of many celebrities to speak about her speech was the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, who used the hashtag #TIMESUP in the following tweet: Just saw @Oprah‘s


This Is Why Populism Is So Dangerous

Populism is not characterized by a specific political agenda, nor is it directly tied to a particular side of the political spectrum. A populist calls for the abolition of certain institutions, such as government, and claims to represent the common working class — often the “silent majority”. They see the world as made up of only two types of people: the good and the corrupt. Just as a populist sees the world as divided, they


Here’s Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized

Some argue that legalizing prostitution would be society’s betrayal of women. They may say it threatens the safety of young women, that it exploits those who financially have no choice but to sell their bodies to make a living or that prostitution is inherently sexual harassment. But many overlook the fact that the stigma, shame and criminalization that shrouds the sex industry is the very reason that all of these assumptions are a problem. If


What’s Next For Democrats: An Early Look at the 2020 Election

While it may seem early, the beginning of the 2020 presidential election is closer than we may think and many prospective candidates have been talking about entering the race for months. After the disastrous campaign that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party ran against President Donald Trump in 2016, Democrats from across the country have set their sights on finding the perfect candidate for the next election. In order to gain the upper hand in the

Real Life

3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Chronic Pain

When most people hear the words “chronic pain”, they may think of a variety of different things: maybe a middle-aged man with back problems, or one of those cheesy yet oddly depressing commercials with the father of three playing frisbee with his dog. But whatever first comes to mind, it certainly isn’t a teenager. While it may be surprising to many people, pain disorders can come in people of all shapes and sizes. Over the

Real Life

Why History Classes Need to Start Teaching About People of Color

We all remember our high school world history class. It was filled with stories of explorers “discovering” new worlds, of intellectuals and politicians relentlessly debating their beliefs, and of hundreds of thousands dying in various genocides and wars. Fancy terms were crammed into our heads as we learned about endless world conflicts and how they have shaped our culture today. Assuming you went to a public school or one that roughly followed the same guidelines,


Dear America: Stop Renaming White Supremacy

White Nationalism. Alt-Right. So many new terms have been floating around our society over the last few weeks that it’s hard to keep track. And with so many organizations acting in such shocking similar ways, it’s impossible to tell them apart anyway. So what is the real difference between White Nationalists and the Alt-Right? And why are they different from white supremacy? Nationalism is defined as a “loyalty and devotion to a nation.” So White Nationalism is a

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