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Stormzy Is Funding Cambridge Scholarships for Black Students

British grime artist Stormzy has announced that he is funding two scholarships for black students attending the University of Cambridge. This scholarship, known as the ‘Stormzy Scholarship,’ will fully cover tuition fees and provide a maintenance grant for up to four years of undergraduate study. The first two students will start their courses at the beginning of the new academic year this October with two further students selected for 2019 entry. This year’s entries will be self-funded by Stormzy


Turkish Capital Ankara Bans All LGBT+ Events

Turkey has officially banned all festivals, screenings, forums and exhibitions by LGBT+ rights groups in its capital city, Ankara, on the grounds of security. The restrictions came into effect on Saturday and will remain until further notice. The governor’s office said the ban would help to promote “public order, prevention of crime, general health and morals.” The ban is the latest in a series of attempts by the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party to crack


Tanzania Deports Lawyers for ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

The state of Tanzania has deported three human rights lawyers after they were accused of promoting homosexuality The lawyers, along with ten other people, were arrested and illegally detained on 17 October for taking part in a meeting challenging a Tanzanian law which would stop private health clinics from providing HIV and AIDS services in an attempt to crack down on homosexuality. Among those detained were three lawyers from the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in


India Supreme Court Rules Sex With Underaged Wives Is Rape

India’s Supreme Court has officially ruled that men who have sex with their underage wives is now considered rape. The court had recently struck down a clause that allowed men to have sex with their wives, regardless if they are under the legal age of consent. The previous clause meant that a 17-year-old could have consensual sex with a person of the same age, but be convicted of statutory rape, while a 40-year-old man who


Newsflash: Racism in the UK is Still Alive

As the month of October commences, the members of the Black History Society have placed concession stands in the main hall.  Amidst the stands are not only the people who fell victim to police brutality, but also the faces of black world leaders, faces that are hopeful with promises they make to achieve equality. Countries like America and South Africa have their respective civil rights activists, a great reminder of the suffering they had endured


How Class Discrimination in Britain Kills

With a population of 65 million people, it comes as no surprise that the citizens of Britain have a number of racial, economic and cultural differences. With those differences, we are introduced to a number of issues such as segregation, privilege and prejudice. Not only can they perpetuate social stigmas, they can potentially be lethal as well. Classism is defined as prejudice or discrimination on the basis of social class and it exists in all

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