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Dominique Crenn: The First Female Three Michelin Star Chef In The United States

Chef Dominique Crenn is making headlines globally after being introduced by the Michelin Guide as the first female chef in America to earn three Michelin stars, the highest honor a chef can acquire. The French culinary expert’s restaurant, Atelier Crenn, received the news of their accomplishment the last week of November, after much acclaim over the establishment’s refined yet modern menu. Based in San Francisco, Atelier Crenn offers an experience with every plate, where, “each


When They Come For Me: A Deadly Realization in the US

Martin Niemöller is not a name that the average person will recognize immediately. His words, on the other hand, have been ingrained in minds for decades, acting as a haunting reminder of when hatred goes unchecked. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew. Then


Remembering Henrietta Lacks: Mother of Modern Medical Research

The story begins, like an outstanding amount of other legacies hidden in the roots of this country, with a black woman. The date is August 1, 1920, in Roanoke Virginia. A little girl named Loretta Pleasant is born. She ends up being raised by her grandfather in nearby Clover, Virginia. Loretta grows up, and in 1941, marries a Mr. David Lacks. Somewhere in between these lines, her name changes. Now Henrietta, she has five children


Florida’s Governor Election Showcases America’s Perpetual Race Problem

In recent news, Florida’s race for a new governor sparked a frenzy when Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum shockingly won the party’s primary. The 39-year-old Tallahassee mayor, endorsed by Bernie Sanders, is the first African American Democratic candidate for governor in the state of Florida’s history. Surprising no one, his opponents have seemed to latch on to that simple fact, turning the election into an ugly, race-baiting battle. It all began when Republican nominee Ron DeSantis


The US Is Killing Innocent People In Yemen

In an unsurprising turn of events, it was discovered that the United States sold the bomb that hit a school bus in Yemen to Saudi Arabia just last week. The Saudi coalition-led attack, supported by the U.S., resulted in the deaths of over 50 people, 40 of whom were children. An even greater number of injuries were reported as well; of the 79 total injuries, 56 were children. The majority of these children were under


Here Are The Athletes Who Are Doing More For Our Communities Than The Government

LeBron James is making headlines this week on account of his establishment of a brand new public school, I Promise. Built in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, James’ school is covering its students tuition, meals, supplies, uniforms, and transportation. Additionally, the I Promise School will offer the parents of these students help with GED and job opportunities, truly illustrating the extent to which the school wants to see its families prosper. James’ generosity and dedication


Listen Up Britain: Ethiopia Wants Its Stolen Artifacts Back

The camera follows Erik Killmonger around the museum, asking about each African artifact that catches his attention. The museum curator answers the passive questions, but stumbles when he challenges her explanation of a mask from Wakanda he plans on stealing. She protests, and these lines follow: “How do you think your ancestors got these? You think they paid a fair price? Or did they take it, like they took everything else?” Like the scene straight

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Michigan Is Going to Stop Providing Free Bottled Water for Flint Residents

In an unexpected move on Friday, the state of Michigan announced that it would be discontinuing deliveries of free bottled water to Flint residents. The reason why? According to them, the water quality in Flint is “meeting federal standards”and “restored.” The surprising statement comes after lead was found in exceedingly high levels in Flint’s water in 2014. The lead contaminated water caused rashes, hair loss, and other reactions among its residents. In 2016, after an


National Geographic Admits Past Racist Coverage and Promises to Do Better

In a powerful new issue revolving around race, National Geographic recognized its history with racist and culturally insensitive news coverage. The April issue is set to hit stands March 27, but their online content has since garnered attention over a particular confession that the company made. For the magazine issue, editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg writes about the experience of hiring a historian to study past National Geographic articles and issues and determine if racism was prevalent.

Real Life

STEM Subjects Are Not The Only Pathways For Success

“So, what’s your favorite subject?” I think and then reply, “English, for sure.” They laugh real loud. “Funny! So, what subject are you actually going to study in college? Chemistry? Engineering? No, wait – chemical engineering?” Variations of this conversation have occurred my entire life. One time it was with my father, another with a random passenger on the train I was traveling on. Yet, all share this common thread: STEM is the only area

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