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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Owes Canada’s First Nations An Apology

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has received recognition as a liberal and forward thinking leader after his contribution to social movements such as raising the rainbow and transgender flags above Parliament Hill during Pride Month as well as having praised and congratulated those who partook in the Women’s March across Canada, an almost serendipitous series of events recognised by the Prime Minister, fitting of the Canadian peace-keeping-apologetic caricature subscribed to the nation. Unfortunately for the


Poor, Sick and Republican: Trump Voters Have a Big Storm Comin’

Donald Trump’s presidency has received a substantial amount of negative press, such as Russia’s involvement in the lead-up to the presidential election, however more recently POTUS and GOP have received a tidal-wave of backlash due to health-care policy reforms. The GOP health-care bill in line to replace Obamacare also referred to as ‘Trumpcare’ would remove the Affordable Care Act. The new health care bill would also allow insurers to charge a much higher price based

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