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Chaos Within House Democrats On Their First Day In Charge

Even before the fight for the Democratic nomination for 2020 has fully taken shape, the party is attempting to navigate an uneasy new balance: specifically, the balance between the older established population and the incoming “freshmen” progressives. The star of this new demographic is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old representative-elect of New York City, who has made waves through her self-professed democratic socialism, status as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, and social media prowess


Feminism in the Classroom: Social Education for the New Generation

When I was fifteen years old, my closest friend started dating a boy from our brother school. It was very sudden, and she refused to talk about it, but I figured that she was uncomfortable with the attention from her friends- not uncomfortable with him. Months passed. One day, she confided to me that something had happened and she wanted to end things with him. It was a school lunch period, sitting in our little


2 Dead, 17 Wounded In Shooting At Kentucky High School

A shooting Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School, located in a rural community about 120 miles northwest of Nashville, has killed two and injured many more, according to Governor Matt Blevin. Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS…Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others wounded…Much yet unknown…Please do not speculate or spread hearsay…Let’s let the first responders do their job and be grateful that they are there to do it for us… —


Yemen’s Escalating Humanitarian Crisis Has New Hope with Greater Efforts

The conflict that has been raging in Yemen for the last three years, with a body count of 5,000 civilians, came to a head on November 6th when a missile fired by Houthi rebels was intercepted near Riyadh. Now the Houthi-held ports in Yemen, where 70% of the population requires emergency aid, are experiencing a blockade of food, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid. According to a UN News Center report, 90% of Yemen’s basic needs are

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All-Girls Schools Are Becoming Popular Again

A new form of schooling is becoming increasingly popular: in between 2002 and 2012, single gender classrooms in public institutions increased from 12 to over 500.These new developments raise an age-old debate surrounding single-sex schooling. Opposers argue that it increases gender-stereotyping and takes away “real world” experiences. Single-sex education is nothing new; boys and girls have long been educated separately, if girls were educated at all and elite colleges such as Columbia and Harvard University


Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney Reveal Sexual Abuse Within The USA Gymnastics Team

Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney have both come forward about their experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar, the national team’s former doctor. McKayla Maroney revealed her allegations in a Twitter post a month ago on October 18th. The abuse started when Maroney attended a national team training camp at the age of 13 and continued until she retired from competitive gymnastics in 2016. She wrote of specific incidents before


Saudis Arrest 11 Princes, Including One of World’s Richest Men

Al Arabiya, the Saudi-owned television network, announced on Saturday night the arrest of eleven princes, including billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Four ministers and many former ministers were also arrested. The arrests were allegedly conducted and closely followed by the formation of Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption commission. The commission’s leader is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is widely believed to be combating dissent preemptively. Though he is already the de facto ruler and official minister of defense,


Undocumented Teen Denied Abortion In Government Court Case

A 17-year-old Central American girl, given the alias of Jane Doe in court filings, was apprehended around two months ago for attempting to cross the U.S.–Mexico border. She was subsequently brought to a shelter in South Texas, where she reportedly found out she was pregnant. Adamant in her decision to get an abortion, she went to court in order to receive permission from a judge, which was given to her. Despite this, the Office of Refugee


Knowingly Transmitting HIV To Your Sexual Partner Is No Longer a Felony in California

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill Friday that lowers the charge for knowingly transmitting HIV to a sexual partner from a felony to a misdemeanor. The bill, SB-239, was passed by California legislature on September 11 and will be effective starting January 1st, 2018. It also applies to HIV-positive blood donors who fail to notify the blood bank about their condition. The new law works to clear the stigma against HIV-infection and treat it the

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