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Why We Need To Be Talking About Western High

Western High School is the oldest public all-girls high school remaining in the United States today. It is the third-oldest public high school in the state of Maryland, and proudly carries the label of being a National Blue Ribbon School. The school is located in the heart of Baltimore, a city where Black people make up roughly 63 percent of the population – A city known for its issues with inequality. The school is made


Why We Cannot Just Forget About Charlottesville

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, cannot be forgotten. Somebody f*cking died. Several people were injured. Neo-Nazis and KKK members proudly chanted Nazi slogans. The President of the United States blamed the aforementioned protesters as well as the counter-protesters for the violence that occurred. Amidst all of this, in the last seven days, the word ‘eclipse’ was searched on Google far more than the word ‘Charlottesville’. In


The Toxic Normalization of Hate In Rural Towns

Hate, racism, xenophobia and general bigotry are nothing new. They are not regional, and they are not confined to the Southern states. Minnesota, for instance, is usually perceived as a more liberal place to live. However, the increase in bias-related incidents on the University of Minnesota campus, and the murder of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights last year, among other things, show that prejudice and hate are no strangers to the North. But, that’s just


Black People Are In Mourning

Grief is a powerful thing. Anyone who has lost someone has experienced grief, and many people are well aware of the five common stages of it. In case you aren’t, those are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. So then, how many of our own do black people have to lose before we’re allowed to experience these emotions? Following Philando Castile’s murder, I felt denial. I felt like it couldn’t be real; I thought, “this


Are You Practicing Performative Allyship?

Dear white people, this one’s for you. To those of you who claim to be anti-racist, and to those who claim to support people of color, I’m curious as to how. When people of color share their firsthand accounts of racism, or even when you yourself share stories of racism you’ve been witness to, do you proudly state, “Man, I hate white people”? You should know that this performative allyship does nothing for us. Distancing


Why BLM Protesters Actually Delayed Twin Cities Pride

The Pride parade in Minnesota took place in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon, though it was supposed to start in the late morning. The parade was delayed for over an hour by Black Lives Matter protesters, and the reasons for the protest vary, depending on the source. Some sources say the protest was for Philando Castille, and some sources say the protest was against the police presence in the parade. While those aspects were part of


Dismantling The Idea Of “A Racist”

Racism is a touchy subject, to say the least. Whether it be on an institutional, systemic or personal level, talking about racism is hard. Telling someone, especially a friend or family member, that something they said or did was racist is scary. It’s made all the more nerve-wracking by the way many white people respond to being called out for racist behavior. Usually, the retort starts with, “But I’m not a racist!”, and ends with


Dear Men: How Should We Respond To Rape?

Dear men: I’m asking for your advice. You all have such valuable, underrated wisdom and insight, and to be frank, we need your help. It would appear that us women are always doing something wrong. This is made all the more apparent concerning issues of rape and sexual assault. Listen, men, we are tired. As black women, we try to survive the unfiltered, relentless misogynoir we get from black men, as well as the racism

Real Life

Everything You Need To Know About The Sunny Suits

We’ve all seen them. Our Instagram feeds are all covered with red swimsuits, and there’s mass confusion and excitement flooding the internet. What the f*ck is going on? A clothing company called Sunny Co Clothing is taking over. Their Instagram account posted an image yesterday afternoon of a woman with her back to the camera wearing a red one-piece, and the caption announced a giveaway. Unlike most giveaways, where one winner is randomly chosen, this giveaway was


Should You Watch ‘Girlboss’ Or Not?

Girlboss. Everyone’s been talking about it – Just Google ‘Girlboss reviews‘. From a quick scan of the results, you can infer that people have mixed views. IMDb gave the new Netflix series a 7.2/10, while Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 32%. One article for The Guardian says the show is “a tone-deaf rallying cry to millennial narcissists”. Ouch. Another article for Vox pretty much just claims that the show gets boring, because it’s trying too

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